Could It Be?

Once there was a rich nobleman in India who had everything he wanted. He had a good job, had a wife and children, and a large, luxurious house. But deep inside, however, he felt empty and alone. He wandered around the village near his house, and suddenly heard singing. He followed the sound and found a small village  church. He went in, and to his surprise, found a group of people singing. He hung back, afraid to go in. But a friendly man invited him in. The nobleman consented, and sat down. After the singing ended, a man stood up and preached a sermon. The nobleman listened intently. It was about a man, a man named Jesus and that he came from heaven to earth to save man from all of their sins. He even died for them!

“Jesus,”the nobleman repeated to himself, puzzled. “Why have I heard this name before?”

The man continued preaching, and after he was done, he sat down. A lady played the piano, and the deacons collected the offerings. The nobleman hesitated, then pulled a sack of coins from his pocket. He poured the sack of coins into the plate the deacon held out to him.

After the service was done, the nobleman talked with the preacher.

“How long have you been a Christian?”the nobleman asked curiously.

“Oh, about three years,”the preacher answered.

“How come you are worshiping on Saturday? I know quite a lot of people who worship on Sunday instead,” said the nobleman.

Laughing softly, the preacher replied,”Friend, we are not Christians. We are Seventh Day Adventists. We worship on Saturday, the true Sabbath.”

The nobleman nodded thoughtfully. “Do you come here every week on Saturday?”

“Oh, yes! We come here every week,”the preacher nodded enthusiastically.

“I see,”the nobleman replied slowly.

“Do you want to stay for our fellowship lunch? We have plenty of food,”the preacher offered.

“Um, sure!”the nobleman replied.

“By the way, what is your name? I believe we haven’t introduced ourselves yet,”the preacher told the nobleman as they walked towards the fellowship hall.

“My name is Alfred,”the nobleman answered. “And yours?”

“My name is Robert! Nice to meet you,”Robert smiled and shook Alfred’s hand. “Welcome! Join us for lunch!”

Alfred nodded courteously and joined the line.

As they moved down the line,Alfred noticed there was no meat. “Are you guys vegetarians? I see that there’s no meat here.”

Robert chuckled. “You’re very observant! Yes, we are all vegetarians.”

When Alfred finished eating, he felt well nourished.

“The food is excellent! I enjoyed it! Thank you, Robert! I will be back next week, with my family too.” Alfred shook Robert’s hand and strode home.



How’d you guys like that story? I hope you liked it! I enjoy writing stories for you guys. Comment down below if you like the story!


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I did my CM today!!

Hey,bloggers!! Guess what!! I did CM, which is Certificate of Merit, today for my flute. I was so nervous,because this is my first time doing it! I did my theory test first, then I performed Andante by Molique and a piece by Mozart. My dad accompanied me on the piano, so I wasn’t too nervous. I was soooooo happy when we finished! My flute teacher was sitting right outside the room we were performing in, (which was small, by the way) and when we came out, she said we sounded really good! I’m so happy, guys! And relieved. Whew!! Well, I’ll see you guys on the next post! Oh, and if you ever did CM,let me know in the comments below!!!!!!! Bye!

Love, ♥

Carissa ~

Pictures from Taiwan and Japan!!

Hey,bloggers!! Today I’m going to post some pics from our trip back in 2017 to Taiwan and Japan. Get ready for some spellbounding pictures!!


Yummy hot pot! It’s soooo good! There’s ramen, fish cake, veggies, fish balls, lamb, (yes,I didn’t eat vegetarian while I was in Taiwan.), and soup! MMMMMMM! Plus a lot more!


And of course, the shaved ice!! Oh my goodness, you guys have to try this!! The shaved ice tastes best in Taiwan, though. So there’s taro, oatmeal, green mung beans, and sweet rice. Mmmmm….


And here’s fresh vegetables from the market!! It’s so much fun, because we get to ride there on our grandparents’ motorcycles!!! And of course, they’re driving. 😉


Here’s the temple near my grandparents’ house. It’s so cool! It’s a Confucius temple! It’s gorgeous!

OK!!! Switching onto Japan!!! P.S. (Most of the pictures are food. :D)


So here’s a cute cat cafe we went to in Japan. It’s soooo cute! We got to go in and petall the cute little kittycats!!! There was so many cats!! OK,next one!!


More scenery pics!! It’s really pretty in Japan!


Koi in a fish pond!! We fed them. And we got bug bites. 😦


Yummy buffet food!!! I miss Japan!!


This is a mini hot pot. There’s vegetables and meat you can put in the soup pot!DSC_2185

More of the cute cat cafe pictures! You can see all the cats! So cute!


The moment you’ve been waiting for!!! We saw the cherry blossoms!! So pretty!! They were in season too!


More cat cafe pictures! So cute! Anyways, guys, I hope you enjoyed this post! And I’ll see you next time!!!! Bye!!!

Love, ♥

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Eeeeeeeek! I’m so excited!

Guess what,guys! Guess what! My sister’s coming back tomorrow for spring break!!!!! Can’t wait!!! I miss her so much…. I didn’t realize how much I actually look up to her. I’m soooooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I get to take the whole time she’s here off! Yay! Well, see you on the next post! Bye!


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