Day 3!!

Hey,guys!!! Ready for day 3?

Day 3: Favorite episode

Hmmmmm….. Hard choice!!! I think Fake It Till You Make It is my favorite episode! It’s so funny when Fluttershy plays different absurd characters. Hahaha! Plus it just came out not too long ago.  Well,have to go study now. *frowns* Bye!

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Day 2!!

Hey,guys! Happy Mother’s Day!!! What’d you guys do for Mother’s Day? Comment down below! Hahaha, my mom went by herself for some “quality” time and me and my dad went to Souplantation for lunch. Yum! OK,Day 2!

Day 2:Least favorite pony

Hmmmmmm, hard one. Trixie is probably my least favorite, next to Snips and Snails. She’s kinda…. kinda….. well, I don’t know. *sighs* She’s just doesn’t suit my taste. Oh! I hear the garage opening. My mom’s home!! Shhhhh! Hehehehe….. 😀 thanks for reading!!


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Could It Be? Part 4

“So,honey. How’d you like the church?”Alfred asked his wife tenderly as they prepared for bed.

“I loved it, Alfred,”Ankara replied. “But the problem is, that it’s on a Saturday.”

“What’s wrong with that?”Alfred asked in surprise.

“I like it so much,”Ankara explained, “that I want to go back. But you work on Saturdays.”

“Oh,yeah. I didn’t think about that,”Alfred hesitated. “Well, let me talk with the work supervisor tomorrow.”

Morning came bright and sunny, and Alfred gave his wife a quick kiss before going to his work supervisor.

“Saturday?”his work supervisor bellowed. “You want just one day off for CHURCH??? Whenever did you get religious? UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!!!”

“But Jakret-“Alfred tried to say, but his supervisor cut him off.

“No! You hear me? NO!!!” Jakret shouted. “Either resign or don’t take Saturday off!!! Now get out of my sight! I’ve got work to do!” He stormed away.

Sadly, Alfred returned home, with bad news on his lips. Suddenly, he thought, Why not go to Robert with this? He should know what to do!

With new strength, he requickened his steps and reached Robert’s home. He knocked on the door and waited.

A kind-looking woman opened the door. “Yes,how may I help you?”

“Is Robert Smith home?”Alfred asked breathlessly.

Before she could answer, Robert appeared at the door. “Hello,Alfred! Nice to see you again! What brings you out here so early?”

“Please, you have to help me,”Alfred pleaded.

Robert was concerned. “What happened?”

“We enjoyed the service yesterday that we want to keep coming, but my work supervisor won’t let me take my Saturdays off,”Alfred replied.

“Hmmmmmm,”Robert said thoughtfully. “Come inside and we’ll talk about it.” He led Alfred inside.

“You know,Alfred,”Robert told him once they were inside out of the sweltering Indian sun, “We are in need of a pastor. Would you like to train to become one? That way you will have a income of 2,16,409 rupees a year, plus to be with your church family.”

“Is it hard?”Alfred asked.

“No,not at all! You just give Bible studies and give sermons to the church and we’ll teach you how to do that,”Robert promised.

Alfred nodded and thanked him. He walked back home,his head spinning.



Hey,guys! Did you guys enjoy reading that story? I hope you did! Well, have to go do my homework! Bye!


Carissa ~

Day 1!!!

Hey,guys! Ready for Day 1 of MLP 30 day challenge???

Day 1: Favorite pony

Well, from my last post, you probably know already that Rainbow Dash is my favorite pony! Yup! So is Applejack! Fluttershy is okay, but she’s just SOOO shy!!! Not me!! Anyways, have to go do my homework. *frowns* I have a big state test on math tomorrow and I did ELA this morning. *sighs* Bye!!!

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