Day 6!!

Hey,guys! Sorry for not posting for a while. I’ve been helping out with Fallbrook Church’s VBS. It was fun! Anyways,here we go! Day 6!!

Day 6: Favorite pony type

Ohhh, I love this one! My favorite pony type is the Alicorn. It’s a pony with both wings and a horn! *grins* Well, I have to go! Bye!

Day 5!

Hey,ya’ll! Are you guys ready for Day 5????

Day 5: What is your favorite pony paring?

Oh,yes! I love this one! I have two favorite ships!

  1.  Rainbowjack (Applejack and Rainbow Dash)
  2.   Flutterdash (my favorite! Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash)

Yep,that’s it for today! Just kidding, I’ll write another post after this. *laughs* Bye!

Love, ♥

Carissa ~

Could It Be? Part 5!!!

Alfred reached home, his head whirling. What will Ankara say about this? he wondered. Ankara had always supported him; would she support him now?

He finally reached home and Ankara rushed outside. “Alfred,what took you so long? Did Jakret agree to have you not work on Sabbath?”

Alfred looked into her pleading face and his heart sank. What would her reaction be to his reply? “No,darling, he didn’t,”he finally got the words out. “He was very angry and told me to resign if I didn’t work on Saturday.”

Ankara gasped, and her hands went up to her face. “What do we do now?” She started to cry and the children came running to see why she was crying.

“Now,don’t worry, my dear,”Alfred soothed her. “I went to Robert’s house and he told me they have been looking for a pastor. They would pay me a good income each month. Pastoring isn’t very hard,Robert said. So,my dear, why don’t give it a try?”

Ankara hesitated and sniffled,her makeup running in black streaks down her face. “Well,I guess we could try it for a while.”

Alfred smiled and kissed her on the cheek tenderly. “I knew you would always support me,Ankara. Thank you.”

Ankara smiled.

Epilogue: Alfred went on to become a pastor in India. He enjoyed preaching and giving advice to those who needed help from God.

Hey guys! Note that this story is NOT true. I just made it up. Alfred’s a not real person. Just everything in this story is made up. But the message in this story is clear. All of us are sinners. Nobody’s perfect. But we can strive to be perfect with God’s help. We can’t do it on our own. Well,hope you guys enjoyed the story! Comment down below if you want me to post more of these!

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Carissa ~

Day 4!!!!

Happy Saturday,everybody! Ready for Day 4??? Oh,yeah. And my sister is back! Yay!

Day 4: Who is your OC pony?

What in the world is OC????? OK,let me search this up. *is silent for a moment* OK,it means original character and a bunch of other stuff. I think what it means is that who are you most likely like in the MLP series. Hmmmmm……… I think I’m kinda like Rainbow Dash, ’cause I like running,soccer,and being awesome! I love Rainbow Dash! She’s sooooo cool! Anyways,bye!

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Carissa ~