Recipe: Peach And Date Cold Smoothie

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Hey,guys! Whew,it’s been hot lately,huh? It’s been very hot at my place, and we have peaches, so I thought for those living in hot climates, I’d post a recipe that might help cool you down! ‘Cause it helped cool me down! 😉 All right,enough with the talking! Let’s start!

                                               Peach and Date Cold Smoothie

You will need:

  •  5 large washed ripe peaches
  •  A 1/4 cup of water
  • 4 dates,pitted
  • Ice

First,grab those peaches and cut them in half. You will want to take out those seeds, because the blender can’t blend them, and it would not taste good either. *laughs* Next, place them in your blender. I’m using NutriBullet, but you may use whichever blender you have. Then take your water and pour that in. Next, dump your dates in. We’re using dates instead of sugar, because dates are nature’s candy. They are very sweet and give you energy without that bad sugar! Dates are a good source of various vitamins and minerals, energy, sugar, and fiber. It also contains calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and zinc. Still, you need to moderate. Then place your ice in, and you may put as much as you want, but remember. If you put too much ice in, and little water,your blender won’t be able to handle it. Blend that whole hing up for about 30 seconds, and pour that goodness into your cup. Mmmmmmmmm. Doesn’t it taste good???!! I hope you guys enjoyed this recipe. Comment down below if you liked it!


Carissa ♥

Day 10!!

Hey,y’all! I’m not sure if that’s how you spell it or not. *laughs* Anyways,here we go! Day 10!

Day 10: Favorite episode

This one is so hard! I like all of them, but I think I like the episode of Parental Glideance the best. It’s the episode when Rainbow Dash(my FAVORITE character!) is found out by her parents that she is a Wonderbolt! Then she gets embarrassed by their too supportive cheers, and yells at them, and- Oops,don’t want to spoil it for you guys. *grins* Anyways,have to go practice my flute. I’m playing in a masterclass this afternoon. *cringes* Bye!

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Hey,guys! You noticed that today’s post is a little different. I’m kinda curious to know what your guys’ aspirations are to be when you grow up! Mine is to be a zoologist, biologist, dog trainer, flutist, or a veterinarian. Something to do with animals, at least,because I LOVE animals!!! Especially snakes, tigers, and lions! 🙂 Comment down below what you want to be when you grow up! And if this is your first time at my blog, welcome! 😉


Carissa ♥

Day 9!!

Hey,guys!! I’m trying to post more often. Here we go!

Day 9: Your favorite pony city/town

Oh,that’s easy! My favorite is Canterlot, because that’s where all the princesses of Equestria live. Well, Twilight Sparkle is one of the princesses, and she lives in Ponyville. But that’s a different story. Well, have to go. Bye!!!

Love, ♥

Carissa ~

Day 8!

Hey,guys! Ready for Day 8??

Day 8: Your favorite song

Ohhhh… this is hard!! I have a lot of favorite songs… My current favorite one is Art of the Dress. Yay! Have to go shopping. Ugh! Bye!


Carissa ~

Will She Live?

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Sirens screamed overhead as the helicopters flew overhead,rushing a seriously sick girl to the largest hospital. The night seemed serene and peaceful, yet there was a tension in the air. The girl hung by a mere strand between life and death. She was slipping from life yet she felt peaceful…..

She opened her eyes and looked groggily around. “Where am I?”she whispered.

She could see almost nothing, yet she thought she saw a seat and the continuous humming of… wait, was that the sound of a helicopter’s blades?

What is going on? she screamed inside. What’s happening to me?

Finally, she remembered that she had a brain tumor since she was 8. She sighed and put her head down.

Why is God letting this happen to me? Has He forsaken me? Such thoughts raced endlessly through her mind.

Suddenly, she felt herself slipping away into unconsciousness……….


Nurses and doctors rushed her into a surgery room.

“We have to do a surgery on her brain, but we have to be careful. If we cut the wrong place, she may die,”a head surgeon told his fellow nurses and surgeons. They nodded in agreement.

“All right, here goes nothing,”the surgeon took a deep breath and started cutting through the skin to get to the brain.

Blood spurted everywhere as the surgeons and nurses worked together to save this girl’s life. Hours passed, and finally……..


The parents waited tensely in the waiting room, and the mother was sobbing uncontrollably into her hands.

Suddenly, footsteps sounded, and the mother looked up, tears running in streams from her tired eyes.

The father stood. “My little Angelina-” his voice broke. “Is-Is she alive?”

The surgeon smiled and shook his hand. “Mr. Lawson, your daughter is lucky to be alive. She is one of the most lucky girls to survive the surgery. She is sleeping peacefully in the room now. Would you like to see her?”

Mrs. Lawson sprang from her seat, a new light shining in her eyes. The surgeon led them from the room and into the room in which Angelina was sleeping.

Mrs. Lawson gazed lovingly at her sleeping daughter from tear-brimmed eyes. “God is indeed merciful to us, my dear,”she murmured. “He is indeed merciful.”


Hey,guys! I hope you liked that story! I got inspired by Dr. Ben Carson, a retired neurosurgeon. I enjoyed writing it,too! Have to go do homework! *frowns* Bye!

Love, ~

Carissa ♥

Day 7!

Hey,guys! I know….. It’s been a long,long time since I’ve posted. This morning I went out with my friends to the community pool and it was so much fun!! Anyways,let’s get started!

Day 7:Who is your favorite princess?

Yay! I love this one! My favorite pony princess is Princess Luna. She raises the moon at night and eventually turns into Nightmare Moon because she was jealous of her sister Princess Celestia, who got all the attention from her subjects. *takes a deep breath* Anyways, I have to go practice my flute. *groans* See you guys at the next post! 😉

~ Carissa ♥