Day 20!!!

Hey,guys! Ready for Day 20?

Day 20: Best Pinkie Pie quote

OK,let me see…… Here it is!

Pinkie Pie: Never break a pinkie promise! NEVER!

Hahahahaha! You should Pinkie’s face in The Last Roundup of MLP. She looked sooooo mad! *giggles* Anyways,have to go! Bye!


Carissa ♥

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Day 19!!

Hello,everybody! Ready for Day 19?

Day 19: Best Spike Quote

Sorry,guys…. I’m not really attached to Spike like he is to Rarity. *smirks* But I’m sure I can find one soon. Here’s one!

Spike: That nest needs to be condemned!
Rarity: Oh Spike… It’s not so bad. Uh, maybe the birds can use it as a…
Spike: An outhouse?

Hahahahaha! Oh,Spike can be soooo funny sometimes! Well,I have to go practice my flute. Ugh! *makes a face* Bye!


Carissa ♥

Day 18!!!

Hey,guys! Ready for Day 18??

Day 18: Best Applejack Quote


Applejack: Honesty is always the best policy.

I mean,Applejack is the element of honesty,isn’t she?

Anyways,have to go clean downstairs. It’s a mess. Ughhhh. *makes a face* Bye!

Love, ♥

Carissa ~

Day 17!

Hey,guys! We came back from our road trip yesterday early morning at 1 A.M! Whew! Anyways,here we go!

Day 17: Best Rainbow Dash Quote

Whoohoo! I love Rainbow Dash so much! She’s so cool! Let’s see….

Rainbow Dash: Aim high,kid. But don’t aim for the impossible.

That’s actually a really good quote,I have to say. It has some truth,too! Anyways,have to go! Bye! 😉


Carissa ♥

Day 16!

Hey,guys! Ready for Day 16?

Day 16: Best Twilight Quote

Oh,ok. The thing is,I don’t really like Twilight. I mean,she’s so into her studies and all, but she just isn’t my thing. Well,let me try…….

Twilight: Our flaws helped to make us special,they bond us and keep us strong.

I especially like that song,”Flawless” by the Mane 6. It really makes sense. Anyways,have to go eat breakfast! Having ramen with veggies. Yum! Bye!


Carissa ~

Vacation Time!

Hey,guys! Right now,I’m in Monterey Bay, and we’re in a hotel near the beach. So gorgeous! Yesterday we went to the 17-mile drive. Have any of you guys been there? If so,comment below! This is the best hotel! I feel like we’re in the forest,and we’re part of it! And guess what? My uncle from Taiwan is here,and he’s doing a Bible seminar at our church! If you’re interested, I’ll give you guys the information! And don’t worry,there’s translation for English. My dad’s doing it. Anyways,back to what I was saying,yesterday we went to Bird Rock,Fanshell Overlook, and some others that I don’t remember. And guess what? We each got our own bed! I slept pretty well last night,I think. We drove at least 7 hours from our house. One thing that I’m kind of sad about is that my sister is transferring to Weimar. I mean,I know its closer and all,but she’ll still be away. Well,I have to go take a shower. We’ll be driving four more hours. Ugh. *groans* Bye!*wink*


Carissa ~

Recipe:Yogurt Dipped Blueberries!

Image result for yogurt dipped blueberries
Hey,guys! Seems like everybody is dying in this terrible heat, so I though I’d post a cold
and healthy dessert/snack. I’m using vegan yogurt, but you may use non-vegan yogurt if
you wish.
  • Organic blueberries,washed
  •  Vegan vanilla greek yogurt,poured into a glass bowl
  •   1 tsp of vanilla extract
  •   Parchment paper

Pour your blueberries and vanilla extract into the yogurt,then place each blueberry onto the parchment paper and freeze in the freezer until solid. Then just take them out and pop them into your mouth! They’re so creamy,sweet,and delicious! By the way,I got this recipe from Check her out!

Love, ♥

Carissa 😉 ~


Day 15!

Hey,guys! Halfway through the challenge!

Day 15: Best Fluttershy Quote


Quote from Fluttershy: “yay.”

Hahahaha, Fluttershy’s very shy, so when she says yay, she says it very softly. *grins* Well,have to go! Bye! 😉


Carissa ~

Day 14!

Hey,guys! Ready for Day 14?

Day 14: Most nail biting moment

Huh? Oh,so like the moment you were like in suspense? Welllll, I guess I didn’t literally bite my nails, but I was like holding my breath. It was when Celestia and Luna were getting ready to turn Discord to stone. I was like, “Ohmygoodnessohmygoodness!!!!!” I know it’s a typo, but that’s how I felt. Anyways,I have to go excercise. Ugh… Bye! *winks*


Carissa ~

A Chicken Spiritual Lesson?

Hey, ya’ll! So as you guys know,I have two adorable chickens! The white one is named Chiquita,which is Spanish for “little one.” For female,of course. And the brown one is named Presto. Yup! So,anyways,a few months ago,I was refilling their feeder with new chicken feed. Back then,we’d run out of chicken feed and I had to use the bird feed to feed them. Heh. I offered it to the chickens and they literally turned up their noses! (Or beaks!) I was like, What’s going on with them? And then I realized they had gotten so used to the bird feed because it had tasted soooo good, and when I offered them the chicken feed, they just turned away and ate the leftover bird feed! I was kind of offended! I mean, we spent $30 on that huge chicken feed bag!

Such ungrateful chickens, I fumed inside. Suddenly,I stopped. I just realized that the chickens are kinda like us! Imagine it this way,if you will. The bird feed is all the pleasures and entertainment of this wordly world, and the chicken feed is God’s blessings. And the chickens are us, and I’m God. When God offers us His wonderful blessings, we turn up our noses and reject it! We had become so accustomed to the pleasures of this fallen world that we spurn His gift!

Of course, God could have easily said, “Oh! Such ungrateful children!! What kind of children do I have??” Exactly what I thought!! But He doesn’t! He doesn’t go and force us to take His gift! No,indeed! He doesn’t push us! And I’m happy to say that my chickens have accepted the chicken feed and started eating it again. Just like we are moved by the Holy Spirit and eventually accept His gift! As you can see, you can learn lessons from God’s nature! I really have to go,because it’s 9:10 PM already. *grins sheepishly* I like to go to bed at least 9:00-9:30. Bye! *waves sleepily* 😉


Carissa ~