What’s your favorite food?

Hey, guys! So you saw the title, didn’t you? Yup! We’re talking about our favorite foods! Which, by the way, is my favorite topic!! I will list some below:

1. 水餃 (dumplings)

2. Chinese green onion pancake (蔥花煎餅 )

3.  Pizza

4.    Red bean buns (from Taiwan. YUM!)

5. Chinese pineapple cake (SOOOO GOOD!!!!)

6. Soymilk

7. Tofu, my favorite!!

I have to stop now. Have to go take a shower. Good night!!



Day 29!

Hey, guys! Sorry I didn’t write for some time. I am just so busy with school work, ’cause I’m in Algebra 1. So hard! Anyways, let’s get started!! *wink wink*

Day 29: Who’s your special somepony?

What????? I don’t have a boyfriend. Do they mean a pony I like in the show, or in literal human life?? I have no idea… Anyways, have to go. Goodnight, everypony! *giggles*


Carissa ♥

Pray for me. PLEASE!

Hey, guys! I’m feeling a bit down this week ’cause I have tons of homework. *sighs* So please, pray for me and pray that I’ll get through this week. I have a lot of stress lately. I might take a break from blogging for maybe about a week or so. It’s just been so busy lately. Pray that I’ll help more at home and have a better attitude towards my parents.  And work harder. That I totally need to work on. *giggles* Anyways, I have to go to bed. Goodnight!


Carissa ♥


I went to see Wild Kratts Live!

Hey,guys! As you all know, I’ve always wanted to be a biologist or zoologist. Why, you ask? Well, I’ve always wanted to be a biologist or zoologist because I started watching Wild Kratts a few years back. I started learning a lot about creatures, and I was SOOOOO excited when I learned that Wild Kratts were coming to Escondido! I was ecstatic! So me and my dad went yesterday and it was awesome! The only downside on it was that I didn’t get to meet them because if you bought seat tickets for the first 4 rows, you could meet them. Unfortunately, we bought the tickets too late, and we couldn’t meet them. 😦 But I know my dad works really hard to provide for our family, so I just shrugged it off and left. Yes, I’m sad I didn’t get to meet them, but it was still a lot of fun anyways. 🙂 The tickets are like, really expensive! We had to pay $33 for our tickets! And it was for the upstairs! *clears throat* I’m, uh, going to stop complaining now. *grins sheepishly* Anyways, have to go take a bath. I just finished exercising. Keep on creature adventuring! We’ll see you on the creature trail! *giggles* Bye!


Carissa ♥


Day 28!

Hey, guys! Listening to Sam Tsui, A Million Pieces. So good! Anyways,let’s get started!

Day 28: If you could live in the pony universe or a day, what would you do?

Ooohh! I already know the answer! I would go to Applejack’s home, Sweet Apple Acres, and help her with the farm chores. ‘Cause I LOVE Applejack!!! Rainbow Dash is cool, but I like Applejack’s southern accent sooooooo much!!!!! Anyways, Jaylene’s leaving tomorrow, so I’m really sad…… Anyways, have to go! Bye!


Carissa ♥

Day 27!

Hey, guys! Have to do this quickly. But we’re almost done with the challenge!

Day 27: Worst Pony Pairing

OK, I think the worst pony pairing would be Big Mac and Fluttershy. It’s just that Fluttershy is too shy, and Big Mac just isn’t the right one for her. I dunno, just that Big Mac is too….. wordless. Anyways, I have to go to bed. Bye! Good night, everypony!


Carissa ♥

My chickens died!!! :(

Sooooo….. You guys saw the title already, didn’t you? *sigh* Yup… My chickens died. We saw feathers scattered all over the place, and my chickens were dragged to the fence and were dead. Turned out it was a squirrel. I searched it up, because I couldn’t understand how squirrels would eat chickens. Turns out squirrels are a member if the rodent family and they will eat young chickens, like mine. *sighs* I only had them for 6 months!! *pouts* Anyways, I cried really hard. I was really close to them. *sniffles* I’m heartbroken. I think we’re going to get more chicks soon. Please pray for me. Bye…..


Carissa ♥

P.S. Their names are Chiquita and Presto if you don’t remember. The white one is Chiquita and the brown one is Presto.