My Favorite Foods!

Hey, guys! As you all know, I love eating! So I decided to write a post about my favorite foods! It’s hard because I love so many different foods, but here we go! P.S. Most of them are desserts.

  1. Red bean cake

These you can only get from Taiwan! They are usually sold at the night market or on the street. I mean, you can get them here at 99 Ranch Market, but it’s not as good as the ones on Taiwan.

2. Chinese green onion pancake

Omg, these are sooooo good. If you guys haven’t tried it yet, go to an Asian market and get one of these! They’re soooooo good!!!! Ugh, I’m feeling hungry right now. My dad and sister just went to get In-n-Out. I’m trying to lose weight, so I’m not going to eat any.

3. Mien-gen-da (don’t worry, I’ll explain that in a sec)

So you ask, what the heck is mien-gen-da? Well, mien-gen-da is basically gluten flour mixed with something else, I forgot what. And then you take a piece out of the dough and stretch it, then drop it into a pot of boiling soup. It’s soooo good! My grandma makes the best mien-gen-da EVER!!!!! Sadly, she lives in Taiwan. 😦

4. Deep fried mushrooms

Now, this might seem REALLY weird, but they’re actually really good! If you choose the long, stringy white mushrooms you get at the Asian markets, they actually taste like potato chips! You can get these deep fried mushrooms at the night markets in Taiwan, and Taiwan only.

Well, guys! That’ll be it for this post. Hope you guys enjoyed it. I have to go now. I have CM tomorrow. Ughh…. Pray that I’ll do well. It’s a thing where I have to take a theory test and perform for the judge. And then two weeks after that, I have Flute Guild. Flute Guild is a competition. I am performing for three judges, who are behind a curtain. The pieces are really hard, so I’m stressing so much about that one. Ughh. I get $100 if I win first place! Lat year I won first place in the elementary. This year I’m in the junior division and I’m the youngest, so I’m sooooooooooooooooooooooo scared!!! Please pray for me. OK, I’m done ranting. I have to go. Bye!


Carissa ~

My Favorite Animals! (Yes, I do have more than one favorite animal, no surprise.)

Hey, ya’ll! I love animals, as you all probably know. I literally have talked so much about them you guys are probably a little annoyed by now. Hehehehe. But here is a list of my top favorite animals!

  1. Pangolins

I love these little guys! I am Chinese, as some of you may know. I love these guys so much, that it breaks my heart to see these cute and adorable creatures being killed for their scales and meat. I love pangolins. They really have a special place in my heart.

2. Tigers

Oh, how I love tigers! Their stunning stripes and beautiful colors on their coats just catch my eye every time I see a picture of them! Their sharp teeth are so amazing!

3. Koalas

Oh, koalas are my favorite Australian animal! I actually have a koala stuffed animal that I sleep with every single night. They are soooooooo adorable!!!! I think if I was an animal, I would be a koala. Why? Well, I sleep at least 11 hours of sleep. Yep, I love sleeping. And eating too! Did you know that koalas sleep 18 hours day and eat during those 6 hours! I wanna be a koala so bad! OK, on to the next animal!

4. Cheetahs

I love cheetahs so much! I love how fast they run, their amazing adaptations in order to run fast, and all that amazing stuff! Well, I think that’s it!

Thanks, guys for reading this post! I hope you all have a wonderful day! Love you guys so much! Bye!


Carissa 😉

I’m so done with chickens….

As you guys all know, I had two chickens as pets, since my parents won’t get us a dog. They got killed a few months later, and then I got two more as pets. And of course, they got killed a few months later too. And then one of our church members gave us a rooster just a few days. And he is sooooo feisty! So, his morning, guess what happened? It’s OK, I’ll tell you what happened. So I was trying to get him out the coop. The dog who ate our last chickens broke the door, so we had to nail a piece of wood over the door in order to keep the rooster safe from the dog. I finally caught him, and brought him over to the cage we let him roam around. I just lifted the top and placed him inside. I also put the food and water inside, too, when he just flew out! Luckily, I caught him by the foot and pulled him back in. And then, trouble came when my dad wanted to do something, I forgot what it was. He lifted the lid and the rooster just escaped! This time, we weren’t able to catch him. I chased him all the way around our property. He climbed into the thick brush we have at our house, ,and the rooster, whom I named Vivace, is now stuck in that really thick bush, and we can’t get him out. We’re just gonna leave him there. I think he can take care of himself. Now that I’m so done with chickens, I want a bunny. I mean, they’re easy to take care of, right? And they’re so calm and domesticated. The rooster has, so far, escaped from us three times! Now he has to pay the price. Ugh! I am sooooo done with him and all the chickens in this entire galaxy! Hahahaha. OK, I’m done with all my ranting about this sooo stupid and dumb rooster. I am glad to see that you guys liked my photos from my last post. I really love taking pictures of the wildlife that lives in my backyard! Well, I have to go now. Comment down below if you guys have pets and what you want me to post next! OK,I’ll see you guys next time! Love you all! Bye!


Carissa 😉 ~

Spring Time Blooms

Another picture of the white flowers!

So, guys, I hope you guys enjoyed those pictures! The picture of the poppies was taken at Lake Elsinore. Well, guys, I have to go! Bye! Love all of you guys!


Carissa 😉

Pics of flowers and stuff from my backyard!

Hey, guys! As you all know, I love taking pictures, especially of wildlife. I actually will become a wildlife photographer if I don’t become a conservationist or a zoologist. I love taking pictures of our wildlife in the backyard! If some of you are new, I have a one-acre backyard. Welcome to my photography world! 😉 I love looking at Robert Irwin’s photos on Instagram. He’s such a awesome photographer! I also love wildlife. So right now I’m trying to download the pics from the camera to the computer, but it’s really, really slow. So it’ll probably take a while. So I’m just gonna keep chatting with you guys. I have no idea what to talk about, hahahaha! Science is my most favorite thing in the world!! Well, besides food, of course. *grins* We dissected a frog, a perch, (it’s a type of fish in case you don’t know,) a grasshopper, owl pellets, (they’re balls that owls throw up when they’re done eating, and we found a bunch of bones and skulls in it, soooo cool!), and a worm. Of all those five, I think the perch was probably my most favorite dissection. It was pretty smelly, but it was okay. Besides, I walk through the Asian markets, and they have like, a whole section of fish, mussels, and stuff laid out at the seafood section. Oh, and they also have crabs and stuff, too. Live crabs, actually. Oh, I feel so bad for them. There’s like, lobsters in the large tanks, and they’re just stacked on top of one another, and they’re just begging you to save them. Ugh! No, guys, I don’t eat lobster. And the water is really, really, really cold too! They must’ve froze to death before getting cooked! My sister is practicing piano, and we’re almost gonna eat dinner. Well you guys, since the computer is taking such a loooooooooooooooong time to download the pics, I’m gonna post after dinner. Love you guys!


Carissa ~ 😉

Pictures from Taiwan and Japan! Part 2!

Hey, guys! As ya’ll probably know, I am Chinese. I went to Taiwan and Japan in 2017. Here are some pics from then! Oh, and I’m also going back to Taiwan in April.

Beautiful sunset in Japan! I loved Japan! Well, except for the mosquitoes, that is… 😦

People Who Inspired Me to Become A Zoologist and Conservationist!

Hey, ya’ll! As you all probably know, I love writing about animals and environmental struggles. So I decided to write a post about how I came to the choice to become zoologist and a conservationist. I have so many people who inspried me, so let’s get started!

  1. The Kratt Brothers

I love Wild Kratts! I started watching it a few years ago, and I learned a lot from it! It was then when I started thinking about becoming a zoologist, biologist, or a conservationist. Something to do with animals, that’s for sure. I actually got the chance to go to their show in Escondido! However, I wasn’t able to meet them because I got the tickets late, and they only give the chance to people who have seats in the first four front rows. I had tickets to the balcony seats, so I wasn’t able to meet them. But I enjoyed the show, anyways.

2. The Irwin Family

I just recently found them on Youtube, and I have been watching their show “Crikey! It’s the Irwins!” on Animal Planet. I also like Robert too because I love taking pictures of wildlife. We have a large one acre, and we have beautiful white flowers blooming in our backyard, so I love taking numerous pictures of them. We also have bees and so many kinds of birds in our backyard. I love hanging up bird feeders and hummingbird feeders and taking pictures of them.

All right, guys! That’s it for today. I have to go exercise. Bye! *wink*

Your favorite wildlife fan,

Carissa 😉

You Are A Wonder

Hey, guys! Sorry for not posting. I have to do this quick, ’cause it’s 9:57 PM. So you guys should totally watch “Wonder.” It’s really good! I like it especially because I used to get bullied. Not like a physical deformity, but like peer pressure, kinda of. I watched it with a bunch of my close friends. Except for one or two kissing scenes, (ughhh) it’s pretty awesome! And it’s pretty funny, too! Anyways, I really have to go…. Bye! Oh, and good night from where I live!


Carissa 😉