Pangolins… What Are They And Why They Need Our Help!

Hello, loves! Today we’re talking about pangolins, very sweet but shy creatures from the wild. I specifically wanted to talk about these wonderful animals because thousands are being killed each year, and my dad told me just a few days that officials in Singapore had seized pangolin scales coming from 2,000 pangolins in Africa. I was SO sad and mad when I heard this, because I knew that if the black market are turning to Africa for the pangolins, that means that there are barely any left in Asia, and that means if the poachers keep targeting Africa and its beloved pangolins, the pangolins there are going to disappear. And the most terrible thing will happen.


We don’t really want that to happen, guys! So many animals have already gone extinct: the dodo, the passenger pigeon, the Tasmanian tiger, and so many others. To help the plight of the pangolin, there are some steps you can follow.

  1. Discourage the buying of pangolin products by not buying pangolin scales or meat.
  2. Donate to wildlife groups that are helping the plight of the pangolin.
  3. Encourage other people to help the pangolin and spread the word!

I hope this post helped you see the plight of the pangolin and why we need to protect this beautiful and cute animal. Well, I have to go ’cause it’s getting late. Love you all, and see you in the next post, loves! 😉


Carissa ♥

Certain Animals That People Dislike and Why You Should Like Them!

Hey, guys! Sorry I didn’t really post for a few days. I’ve just been busy with homework and stuff. Anyways, let’s jump to the topic, guys!

So you know how people dislike some animals? I was inspired to write this story because a boy from my church came up to me, and showed me a shell of a dead cockroach. I was like, “Cool!!” And my friend, who was with me, screamed and ran away. I am not afraid of cockroaches, like most people are, and I feel that is it mainly because I like animals of all kinds! Sure, there are some that I dislike, but I still try my best to love them all equally. So here are some animals that most people are afraid of:

  1. Sharks

Sharks are a very important part of the marine ecosystem. They help keep down the population of seals and other prey, plus they are really beautiful to look at! They won’t attack you unless you disturb them first or they accidentally mistake for a seal or some other prey.

2. Bats

I wanted to put these cute creatures down on this list because most people think that bats are bloodsucking creatures and carry rabies. This is not true. The only bat that sucks blood is the vampire bat, and it doesn’t suck blood from humans. It only sucks blood from cows, sheep, and other livestock. Bats are very helpful little creatures, and they are very helpful with keeping the mosquito population down. A bat can catch one thousand mosquitoes in a hour!

3. Snakes

Snakes are very interesting and intriguing to look at when you look at them from a safe distance. They also help keep the mouse population down, so whenever your dad or mom wants to kill one, tell them not to because if they want to see the mice dwindle, they better let the snake live!! King snakes are especially good, because they actually eat rattlesnakes. Rattlesnakes, by the way, will not attack you unless you disturb them or provoke them. And they usually give you a warning too, before they strike. All in all, give rattlesnakes, and just snakes in general, their space.

4. Skunks

Now I know people dislike skunks because of their defense, which is spraying their victim with a very stinky smell. But honestly, I think skunks are cute, and besides, they only spray people or animals when they feel threatened. They also give you three warnings before spraying you: 1) He chatters and stomps the ground with his feet. 2) It raises its tail and hisses, sometimes running towards you. 3) It does a handstand and aims. If the victim still comes, it sprays!

It might seem funny that a skunk would do a handstand, but they do! So just give animals their space, and they will leave you alone! It’s important that we keep our planet clean and alive! You guys, please don’t litter on the beach! I am so angry and frustrated by how people just throw bottles and plastic objects in the sand and don’t even bother to pick it up! Whenever I can, I always pick trash off the beach while we are walking, and I always throw it away. Little actions can help tremendously, and the oceans desperately need our help. If we enjoy surfing and lounging on the beach, and we continue to throw trash in the ocean and we don’t something about it now, the oceans will become a living trash dump, and we really don’t want that to happen. So guys, PLEASE, PLEASE, keep our planet clean so we can live freely on it! It’s extremely important and even just picking up trash in a park or on a beach when you have time can help a lot! Anyways, I have to go brush my teeth and practice flute and do math. UGHHHHH. I HATE SCHOOL IN SUMMER. OK, bye!


Carissa ♥


HEY, GUYS! I’M SO EXCITED! *calms down* Sorry, I’m so excited! OK, OK, let’s get this over with. YOU GUYS, I FOUND A BT21 STORE IN HOLLYWOOD! I am so excited! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to buy anything because it was soooooooooo expensive. Seriously, though, Chimmy, Jimin’s character, is so cute! Just like him! A small plushie of Chimmy was $23!!!! But like, you know, it’s BTS, so what do you expect!??? I LOVE BTS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!! *grins sheepishly* Sorry, guys. I’m just too obsessed with BTS. So what exactly is BT21? Well, for those who don’t know, BT21 is a partnership between LINE FRIENDS CREATORS and BTS. BTS made 8 ADORABLE characters and now they have a store in Hollywood! Also, I got to see Steve Irwin’s Hollywood Star! It was so much fun in Hollywood! When we got home, I told my dad, “IF YOU WANT TO MAKE ME HAPPY ON MY BIRTHDAY, TAKE ME TO BT21 IN HOLLYWOOD AND LET ME BUY ALL OF THE BT21 STUFF I CAN GET MY HANDS ON, AND YOU PAY FOR ALL OF IT, I WILL BE EXTREMELY HAPPY FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!!” Hahahaha! I wonder if he’ll actually do it…. THAT WOULD BE SO MUCH FUN! They even had the members’ handprints in clay next to each of the characters! I took sooo many pictures. My family doesn’t understand my obsession with BTS, and my sister is constantly annoyed when I sing BTS in the car. I also like Boy With Luv, Fake Love, Blood, Sweat, and Tears, (OMG, the choreography on that one is soooo sexy and amazing!!!!!!!!!!!) and Idol. I love them so much! My bias is Jimin! He’s so cute!!! RM and J-Hope are extremely cute, too! Anyways, I have to go. Bye!!!!!!

Love from your biggest BTS fan,

Carissa ♥♥♥♥♥♥ 😉

My Top 5 Chill Music Songs!

Hey, guys! As you all know, I love my pop music! But there are times I like to just listen to some chill R&B music. Here are some songs I like to listen when I don’t feel like listening to my usual pop and k-pop songs!

  1. Best Part by Daniel Caesar ft. H.E.R.

I love this one! My sister started playing this song in the car, and I was like, “This song is soooooooooo chill! What’s it called???” And now I love it so much!

2. Love Song by Travis Atreo

This song is so good! Again, I got most of these songs from my big sis. Thanks, Jie Jie! (big sister in Chinese)

3. Say You Won’t Let Go by James Arthur

James Arthur’s voice is so good! He also doesn’t use a lot of autotune, so his voice is still so good in live!

4. Bring Me the Night by Sam Tsui and Kina Grannis

I don’t listen to Sam Tsui anymore, but I still do listen to him occasionally, usually on this song. It’s so good! Kina’s voice is GORGEOUS!!!!

5. Stay by Zedd and Alessia Cara cover by kina Grannis and KHS

Again, Kina Grannis’s voice is amazing! This cover is also not too rocky, too, so I love it!

OK, guys, that’s it for today! It’s super hot at my place. How hot is it at your place? Also, have you guys ever listened to any of the R&B songs I posted above? If so, tell me which one’s your favorite! OK, guys, love you all and see you in the next post, loves!! 😉


Carissa ♥

I Went Ice Skating Today!

Hey, guys! Today I went ice skating with my big sister, my second cousins from Taiwan who are visiting, and my mom. My dad was at work. Anyhoo, we got in after paying, chose our size of skates, and headed out onto the ice! I have pretty big feet, so I was a size 8. I know, right? I’m only thirteen, and I have size 8 feet?! Yeah, I can pretty much fit into my mom’s shoes. I took ice skating lessons before, but I haven’t really got on the ice regularly after that. Nevertheless, I mustered up all of my courage, and stepped out onto the ice! I got through the one and a half-hour period we were there, and I only fell down at least 5 times! But I have a pretty big bruise on my knee. 😦 I also saw a classmate from my charter school! Of course, it’s summer, so there’s no school. Sadly, she wasn’t coming back when school starts again. I was sad, ’cause she and I were pretty close, even though I’m thirteen and she’s nine. She has been ice skating for three years, and she can already do some jumps and spins! Anyways, I had a fun time. Have you guys been ice skating before? If so, how did you like it? Love you all, and see you in the next post, loves!


Carissa ♥

Please Give Animals Their Space!

Hello, loves! Today we’re going to be talking about something very important when you’re near animals, either domestic or wild.


Why did I want to post about this? Well, recently, I went to a beach with my family and the beach had sea lions with their babies. The sign said to stay a good distance away from the seal lions, because if we got too close, the mother seal lions would abandon their pups, which we don’t want to happen. STILL, PEOPLE GET SOOOOOOOO CLOSE TO THE SEA LIONS! In my mind, I was thinking, “If you wanna get bitten by a sea lion and get rabies and go to the hospital and have to pay a ton of money, BE MY GUEST!!!!!!!! Don’t say you weren’t warned…” So whatever you guys do, always, ALWAYS give animals their space. Usually, animals will only attack you if you disturb or agitate them first. Now, guys, I’m not an animal expert, though I hope to be in the far future. I am merely repeating from experience. I have always given bees their space whenever I’m taking pictures of them. Anyways, I have to go, guys. Love ya’ll, and see you next in the post, loves!


Carissa ♥

I’m Never Going Hiking Again…. NEVER.

Hello, dear fellow bloggers! I’m currently attempting to write this without breaking my poor sunburnt skin. I went hiking yesterday with my family on a 7.5 mile hike. It was so, SO hot and now I am suffering. HELP ME.. It was so steep and rocky, and it was only three miles one way, but it felt longer since it was so steep. The highest elevtaion was 2,800 feet, and I had a headache on the way up. It was tiring! It was easier on the way down, though. My tan is so bad. It’s like, one side is sooooooo much of a dark brown, and the other side is a light pale color. Hahaha! It took us 6 hours to finish the hike. Ugh! Soooooooooooooooooooooooo exhausting! Anyways, I’m still obsessed with BTS! I’m currently listening to Blood, Sweat, and Tears. SOOOOOO GOOD! Jimin is so sexy in this music video. Jungkook is cute, too! I really like the dance moves, and I’m also currently learning the choreography to their new video, Boy With Luv ft. Halsey. It’s actually not too hard compared to their other dance choreography routines. I am not much of a dancer, although I have done ballet and gymnastics when I was little. Anyways, BTS is now one of my favorite groups now, besides Anne-Marie and Sam Tsui. I have to go now! We’re going swimming in our neighbor’s pool. Pray I won’t get sunburned again! I’m already suffering terribly, for goodness sake…. Love you all and see you in the next post, loves!


Carissa (your biggest BTS fan! 😉 )