A Promise Sealed (Reader x Namjoon) Part 2!

Wait a minute, where’s Namjoon?

You suddenly sit bolt upright when you hear the clatter of pans and the running of water downstairs.

“Crap,” you mutter under your breath as you pull on your pajamas and run downstairs, only to skid to a stop as you stare uncomprehendingly at the scene before you.

Namjoon is busily mixing some batter into a bowl and a carton of eggs is sitting on the marble counter top. The kitchen is a mess! Flour was everywhere; some flour had even found its way into Namjoon’s hair! Normally, you would’ve considered this cute, but you were in a bad mood.

“KIM NAMJOON! WHAT THE HECK DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING????” you yell at the top of your lungs as you stand there with your arms akimbo.

He looks up, startled, and his face froze at the sight of your angry face. “Um, making breakfast?” he ventures nervously.

“You know I always make breakfast! Why can’t you just let-” you’re cut off as Namjoon walks past you. You glare daggers at him.

“Fine, you make breakfast then,” he mutters as he starts walking up the stairs. “I just wanted to make breakfast just this once as a a surprise for you, you know,” he manages to say before falling silent.

As he disappears, you suddenly feel incredibly guilty. You had yelled at your precious Joonie, and made him feel bad. You clean up the kitchen and prepare your and Joonie’s breakfast. Gradually, you let your anger subside.

Namjoon comes down in silence, and you two eat in silence. As he grabs his keys, you stand up to kiss him goodbye, hoping that by now he wouldn’t be angry, but he turns away.

“Joonie-” you start, but he interrupts.

“Don’t,” he says bitterly. “Do you know how much time I spent trying to make you breakfast, and you yelled at me!” he looks at you with a mixture of sadness and anger on his face. Not bothering to wait for an answer, he spins around and stomps out the door, slamming the door so hard that a vase falls and crashes into a million pieces. The God of Destruction indeed.

You stand there, mouth agape and tears streaming down your face. Quickly, you fumble for your phone and call Jimin. He’ll understand.

“Hey, noona! I was about to call you! What’s up?” Jimin’s cheerful voice asks over the phone.

“I yelled at Namjoon because he was making a huge mess in the kitchen even though he was making breakfast as a surprise for me, and he got mad! And the worse part is that he wouldn’t even kiss me goodbye!” you wail like a spoiled child.

“Wow, noona, you messed up big time. Meanwhile, we need you at the studio. Listen, I’ll talk to him when he gets here, okay?” Jimin asks.

“Okay, okay,” you sniffle, wiping away the tears. “Okay, bye, Jimin.”

“Bye, ______,” Jimin answers and hangs up.

A few hours later…..

Your phone rings and you pick up. It’s a phone number that you don’t recognize.

You decide to answer. “Hello?”

“Hello, I’m assuming this is Kim Namjoon’s girlfriend, ______ ______?” the person on the other end asks.

“Yes, what’s the matter?” you fidget impatiently.

“Well, ma’am, he’s been in a car accident.”

And we have another cliffhanger! Sorry, I just had to put the God of Destruction in there! Anyways, I have to go exercise. Bye!!


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Top 3 Songs Whose Lyrics Really Spoke To Me

Hey, guys! I’m back! Today I wanted to share with you guys some songs whose lyrics really spoke to me. Here we go!

1. Epiphany by Jin of BTS

The lyrics of this song are so touching that I almost cried when I first heard it. BTS has made a huge impact on my life. I encourage you all to listen to this song.

2. Perfect to Me by Anne Marie

My favorite line of this song is “I’m okay with not being perfect, ’cause that’s perfect to me.” It reminds me of the quote from Dr. Seuss: “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” This song also talks about being cool with what’s underneath, focusing on body positivity, which I talked about in the last post.

3. The Truth Untold by BTS feat. Steve Aoki

I love this song, not only because it’s calming and soothing, but because of the lyrics. The Truth Untold is based on La Citta di Smeraldo. It’s the story of a man who lived in a castle and kept to himself because he thought himself to be ugly. One day a woman came near his castle and picked his flowers. He was angry at first, but eventually became curious and waited for her. He found out that she was actually selling those flowers for a living. The man fell in love but didn’t want to show himself because he was “too ugly” (you know that I can’t show you me, give you me..) So he decided to plant a flower that didn’t exist on the planet so she could sell it at an expensive price. Eventually he manage to fill his garden with them but the women stopped coming. He then learned that she had died. That part where they sing ‘but I still want you’ is about him regretting not telling her his feelings all because he didn’t love himself first. It fits so well with the ‘Love yourself’ concept.

I hope you guys enjoyed this. I encourage you guys to listen to the songs listed above, because they will make a huge impact on your life, especially BTS’s songs. I love you all, and I will see you in the next post!


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What is body positivity to you?

Hey, guys! So recently, I watched Blogilates’s Youtube video about body positivity. I have been a Blogilates fan ever since 2015, and lately people have been saying bad things about her that made my blood boil. Honestly, people are being so mean about her being “fat,” “anti-body positive,” etc., etc. So I wanted to get straight to the point.

What is body positivity?

Now, I know I’ve posted a post like this before. But I really wanted to dive deeper into this subject, due to how many kids are being bullied at school because of how they look. Especially today, social media is a place where people judge others just by their body and how they look. Never judge a book by its cover, guys! It doesn

To be honest, there is no official definition for body positivity. Everybody has a different body structure, nobody’s perfect and never will be, and all in all, everybody is different. Being overweight myself, I have struggled with my weight (and still am) and have worried about how others will think of me. I always cried myself to sleep at night because I hated on how my body looked and I wanted so desperately to be thin. But as I listened to this mini documentary by Blogilates, ( the link is right here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ncuh7cfF2RI ) I realized I was being negative. Sure, it’s always good to have a goal, but you can’t let people put you down because of your body and how you look. I really love this quote from RM of BTS: Nobody is born ugly; we just live in a judgemental world. This is so very true.

To those who are having weight problems and feel hopeless because of how you look, DON’T BE! You’re not the only one; know that I’m always here and can lend a listening ear. While having weight problems is difficult, don’t hate yourself. You are perfect just the way you are; trust me, I know what it feels like. Remember, everything starts from the inside. When you refocus your energy from negativity to positivity, you’ll see a lot better results. When you wake up in the morning, stand in front of your mirror and look at yourself. Don’t hate what you’re seeing; instead, love it! If you keep on hating your body, you’ll never see good results.

I hope you guys really enjoyed this post and found it useful. I really need your feedback on what other kind of posts I should write. Tell me in the comments below:

what does body positivity mean to you?


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A Promise Sealed (Reader x Namjoon) WARNING: VERY FLUFFY

“Honey, I’m home!” you call, closing the door. You reach down and pet Luna, your Persian cat who comes to greet you, purring contently. “Joonie?”

No response.

“Joonie, honey? Where are you?” I begin to get worried, looking around.

“SURPRISE!!!!!” Joonie (Namjoon’s nickname) cries out, jumping out from his hiding place from the kitchen, a wicked grin plastered in his face. Gosh, why does he have to be so frickin’ cute? you think.

You shriek, caught completely by surprise, and fell onto the couch, which was thankfully close by. Namjoon walks up, his dimples showing as he smiled widely. He throws himself on top of you, you squirming and wiggling, trying to get up, but do so in vain as he peppers your face and neck with kisses.

“Aish, Joonie! I just got home from a stressful day, and you’re being so sappy? Whyyy??” you complain cutely, glaring daggers at Namjoon’s face.

Namjoon grins, getting off you. “Sorry, ______,” he apologizes. “I was just so excited. Guess you’re not in a good mood, huh?”

“Nope,” you grump. You head for the stairs, sighing, peeling off your jacket as you go.

“Hey! Where are you going?” Namjoon calls out, panic rising in his voice. “Don’t leave me, ________!” He trots up the stairs after you.

“I’m going to take a relaxing hot bath and then change into clean fresh clothes. Why?” you reply, seeing a smirk cross his face. He can be so weird sometimes, you sigh. “You wanna watch or something?”

“Can I?” Namjoon asks, his eyes begging you.

“Not this time, dear. How about you cook the tteokbokki I taught you how to make? The members are coming over for dinner, by the way,” you answer, giving him a peck on the cheek, making him giggle. Gosh, his giggle is so cute and gorgeous.

“OK!” Namjoon answers brightly, eager to show his new cooking skills to the members. I closed the bathroom door as he bounced down the stairs to the spacious kitchen, singing off-key and rapping all the way.

You chuckle quietly to yourself, turning on the bath’s hot water. You are so lucky to have Namjoon as your boyfriend. Not only is he part of BTS, but he is so kind and funny. Once the bath is entirely full and you’ve dropped a few drops of peppermint oil into the water, you slide into the steamy, hot water, relaxing your shoulders and inhaling the spicy peppermint smell. The peppermint oil always soothed your tense shoulders and mind. As soon as you finish bathing and rinsing,you slip your outfit: denim jeans with a flower blouse and a black lace choker. You then slip on your left finger on the left hand the promise ring Namjoon had gave you when you two had first started dating.

You then skip lightly down the stairs, lured by the delicous smell of tteokbokki. You can also hear the members chatting and laughing away in the living room.

“Hey, ______!” Jimin calls out to you, waving enthusiastically from his spot on the couch. The other members greet you as well, Taehyung coming and hugging you with so much strength you gasp for breath. You’ve hosted many dinners for them and Taehyung is the one that always catches you off guard.

“Tae! She needs space to breathe!” Jin scolds. “And remember, don’t get too touchy,” he reminds Taehyung, laughing at the way his cheeks redden.

“Sor-sorry,” he apologizes quickly.

“It’s fine,” you assure him.

As the members sit down to eat, Namjoon is, of course, sitting next to you, his fingers entwined in yours. You lay your head on his broad shoulder, sighing in complete bliss as he smiles down at you. You love him so much.

Time Skip

You groan, rolling over onto your side. You had slept fitfully throughout the night tossing and turning. You close your eyes, and then they snap open. You look over, and panic. The space, usually occupied with Namjoon, is empty. Wait a minute. Where’s Namjoon?

Annnddd, cliffhanger! Hahahaha, see what I did there! Anyways, I hope you guys really enjoyed that! I’ve been reading a lot of BTS fanfiction lately, so I decided to write one of my own! Hopefully, it wasn’t too short, but I’ll try to update more. Comment down below if you like posts like these! Honestly, I am clueless about what to post these days, so please give me feedback! Thanks, and I love you guys so much! Bye!


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