Day 7 of 30 Day BTS Blog Challenge!

Hey, guys! I am literally turning this blog in a BTS fan account, lol. If you guys are getting tired of BTS content, I can just create a new blog just for BTS and keep this one for just posting other stuff. If some of you like the idea, just comment down below if you think it’s a good idea! Here we go!

Day 7: Favorite picture of Suga

Oohh, I already know! It’s a picture from BTS Summer Package of 2019, I think?

He looks so freakin’ cute in that outfit, omg! And his GUMMY SMILE, JUST KILL ME WITH THAT SMILE, BOYYYYY- Sorry, I can’t help fangirling over Yoongi’s adorable gummy smile! He’s so cute! Honestly, he is so cute! I hope you guys had a good Chinese New Year, whether you celebrate it or not! 祝您新年快樂!(that means good luck and Happy Chinese New Year in Chinese, and yes, I did use Google Translate because I’m an idiot at writing and reading Chinese. 😂 ) I love ya’ll, and take care of yourselves! Bye!


Carissa 😘

Day 6 of 30 Day BTS Blog Challenge!

Hey, ya’ll! I need to write this quickly ’cause it’s getting late. Here we go!

Day 6: Favorite BTS Song

Ugh, this is too hard…. OK, I’d say right now my favorite BTS song is Waste It On Me feat. Steve Aoki. Jungkook’s voice is heaven!!! RM said he can’t sing………..

Caught in a lieeeeeeeee!!!!

Jungkook said he can’t sing in English….

Caught in a lieeeeeeeee!!!!

Hahahahaha, sorry, I couldn’t help writing that. It was commented so many times in the comment section at the lyric video. Anyways, love you guys and see you in the next post! Also, stay safe! The virus is really freaking me out, and I am so scared! Bye bye!!!


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Day 5 of 30 Day BTS Blog Challenge

Hey, guys! Ready for Day 5??

Day 5: Favorite BTS moment

I’m not sure what it means by this. Does it mean favorite BTS funny moment, or…? Well, I’ll just put down in ep. 92 of Run BTS!, Jimin tried to dislocate his shoulder, because they were measuring it for a question, and the look on his face was priceless. Omg, it looked like he was in shock. Lol, I laughed so hard. Here’s the link to the episode with English subs: I actually just finished watching it, and it was so good! Anyways, I am starting a Yoonmin fic, so look out for it soon! Love ya’ll!


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Day 4 of 30 Day BTS Blog Challenge!

Hey, guys! Ready for Day 4??

Day 4: Favorite picture of J-Hope

Hobi on the way!

The last one is my favorite. I know the question said only one pic of Hobi, but he looked so frickin’ cute and hot in all of these I couldn’t bear to leave them all out. (a gift for you Hobi stans!) I love Hobi! He’s my hope!! 🙂 Anyways, I love you all! See you in the next post!!


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My Favorite BTS Songs!

Hey, guys! As you all know, I am a HUGE ARMY, which, if you don’t know, is the name of BTS’s fans. I am listing all my favorite BTS songs, so get ready!

1. Love Myself: Answer

2. Trivia: Seesaw

3. Waste It On Me feat. Steve Aoki

4. Fake Love

5. DNA

6. Serendipity

7. Euphoria

8. The Truth Untold feat. Steve Aoki

9. Mic Drop Remix feat. Steve Aoki

10. Boy With Love feat. Halsey

11. Blood, Sweat, Tears

12. Winter Bear

13. Epiphany

14. Idol

15. I Need U

16. Save Me

17. Spring Day

18. Not Today

19. Lights

20. So What

Whew, that took a long time! Honestly, though, I’m so digging I Need U rn. I’m actually listening to it right now! Suga’s part is so killer! Whoops, my dad just told me to listen to something more calming. OK,I’m listening to The Truth Untold. V’s voice in this one is so calming and deep… Jungkook’s voice is sooo good too! Well, I have to go to bed. Good night or good morning or good afternoon wherever you are! Bye!


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Day 3 of 30 Day BTS Challenge!

Hey, ya’ll! I’m back with the 30 Day BTS Blog Challenge! Let’s get it!

Day 3: Cutest BTS member

Seriously, though, this is a hard one. Honestly, all of them are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute. But if I were to say one member, it’s definitely RM. Why? Well, will you just look at his dimples????? Every time I look at them, I want to poke them and… ugh, uwuuuu!! Sorry, guys, I just can’t. Also, I’m so super hyped for BTS comeback! Have you ARMY watched Black Swan yet? It’s so beautiful and breathtaking! Also watch Suga’s solo in Interlude: Shadow. Ugh, he’s so hot. Anyways, next to RM, I see Jimin as the next cutest member. I’m sorry if I’m offending anybody; I honestly think all of them are adorable! Trust me; I’d spend a month with them than with just my bias. I love them all so much! Anyways, have to go to bed, it’s getting late. I love you all, don’t forget to take care of yourself and eat well! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

RM with his cute dimples; ugh, I can’t. I might as well dedicate my whole blog to RM’s dimples. Jk!


A New Member (Reader x Jungkook, Continued from Better Than Overwatch?)

“How are you doing in there, honey?” you whispered, rubbing your baby bump.

“Talking to her again?” Jungkook asked you, sitting down on the couch on which you lay.

“Yeah, I figured it’d help her calm down a bit, and I think it helps, actually,” you replied, leaning your head against his shoulder. You closed your eyes; this was one of the happiest days in your life. Your mind flashed back to a couple of years ago……..

“Oh, that was so fun, Guk,” you smiled fondly up at your boyfriend. “Let’s do it again!”

You two had just finished ice-skating. It was your first time, but Jungkook had helped you as you wobbled on the ice, catching you if you fell. You and Jungkook had been dating for several years already.

“Glad you enjoyed it, babe,” Jungkook smiled at you as he helped you into the car. “I was so afraid you wouldn’t be able to skate.”

“Pfft, don’t be like that, Kookie,” you huffed, crossing your arms and pouting cutely.

Jungkook chuckled and slid into the driver’s seat. “Let’s head home, babe; I have a surprise for you.”

“Oh?” you asked in surprise as he drove. “What is it?”

“Well, it wouldn’t be a surprise if I told you, now wouldn’t it?” Jungkook answered, fixing his eyes on the road.

“You’re meaann,” you whined.

“Y/n,” Jungkook sighed. “You always can’t wait for a surprise, now can you?”

“No,” you replied, slouching in your seat. “But I’ll wait for you.”

Jungkook smiled at you and soon pulled into the driveway.

“Now, I need to blindfold you, so trust me,” Jungkook softly told you, tying a blindfold around your eyes and taking your hand.

“Last time I trusted you, you led me right into a pole,” you accused as Jungkook let out a small laugh.

“I’ll be more careful this time,” he assured you as he led you up the driveway.

“Now I’m going to take the blindfold off,” Jungkook told you once you were both inside the house, and you felt the blindfold slip from your eyes. You gasped at what came into view. There were candles, their soft light illuminating the walls, and the heavenly scent of your favorite flower, the beautiful rose. Your stomach flipped at the sight. You looked down, and there he was; he was kneeling in front of you, with a smile on his face. In the palm of his hand was a red velvet case, and resting in it, was a gorgeous gold ring.

       “Y/n, I love you. I have been with you for several years now, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?” he asked breathlessly.

     “Yes! Yes, yes, yes!” you cried, flinging yourself into his arms and crying into his shoulder. You lifted your face up to his and kissed him on the lips.

    “Gosh, I love you so much,” you breathed as you leaned your forehead on his and looked deeply into his sparkling eyes.

      “I love you too, y/n,” Jungkook replied, pulling you closer.

    Six months later, you stood in the aisle with your father holding your hand and walking down it. Jungkook awaited you at the altar, looking sharp in his suit.

     “And do you, Y/n L/n, take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband, to cherish and to love him, to stay with him until death?” the pastor asked, addressing you.

      “I do,” you answered breathlessly, looking into Jungkook’s eyes earnestly.

“And do you, Jeon Jungkook, take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife, to cherish and to love her, to stay with her through the hardest of times until death?” the pastor asked, turning to Jungkook.

    “I do,” Jungkook answered just as breathlessly, smiling at you.

“I now pronounce you, husband and wife,” the pastor announced with a huge smile on his face as people broke out in clapping and cheers. “You may kiss the bride!”

     Jungkook took your hands and looked at you shyly. “Ready, y/n?”

“Ready,” you replied, and leaned in to kiss him.

   Jungkook leaned in as well and kissed you softly as people cheered and the flower girls threw flower petals in the air, screaming happily.

      (End of Flashback)

   You sighed happily, leaning against Jungkook’s shoulder as he planted soft butterfly kisses on your neck.

     “You have no idea on how much you make me happy, Jungkook,” you sighed again, relaxing in his lap.

     “Oh, I think I do,” Jungkook murmured, pulling you closer and rubbing your belly gently. “I made you happy enough so you could give me such a wonderful gift, our baby.”

     You yawned. “Jungkookie, I’m tired, can we go to bed now?”

“Of course,” Jungkook replied quickly, picking you up bridal style and carrying you to the bedroom. “Gosh, you’re so heavy,” he puffed as he set you down on the bed.

    “I thought you worked out a lot, chagiya,” you teased as he climbed into bed with you.

“I do,” Jungkook replied teasingly. “I’ve just been too busy taking care of you.”

You smiled, rubbing your bump. “But you love it though.”

“I do. How’s she doing?” Jungkook asked, kissing your cheek as you smiled at him.

“We don’t even know if it’s a she, Kook,” you shrugged. “Either way, she or he is doing just fine.”

“Good,” Jungkook sighed in relief as he sank down onto the bed. “I hope it’s a she.”

“Me too,” you answered, snuggling up against him and laying your head on his shoulder. Jungkook placed his arms around you, and you fell asleep in his arms.

(In the middle of the night, several months later)

“Jungkook, Jungkook, wake up!” you weakly nudged him. Your contractions were coming more swiftly now, harder and more intense.

“Huh?” Jungkook murmured sleepily. “What’s wrong, babe?”

“I-” You winced as another wave of pain shot through your core. “I think it’s coming.”

At those words, Jungkook immediately sat up and began to dress. “Let’s go.”

“I don’t think I’ll make it,” you gasped. “Jungkook!”

Jungkook rushed over and began pushing. “Breathe, baby, breathe,” he advised as you cried out. He had been reading books on how to safely deliver a baby, and was well prepared just in case you couldn’t make it to the hospital.

As the baby slipped out, you both gave a sigh of relief. Jungkook carefully cut the umbilical cord and wrapped the baby in a soft towel. “Oh, wait, let me check to see if it’s a she or he.” He checked carefully, and laughed joyfully. “It’s a girl!”

You laughed weakly, happy to know that you had safely delivered your baby.

The next day……

“Awww, she’s so cute,” Taehyung cooed as he and the other members cooed at the baby. “What’s her name?”

“Um, we haven’t decided yet,” you replied, looking at Jungkook. “We’ll figure it out eventually.”

“She looks like me,” Namjoon commented, earning a laugh from Jimin. “No, seriously!”

“Sure, hyung,” Jimin teased, nudging his leader. “Y/n’s baby looks just like you.”

“Maybe she has Joon’s 148 IQ brain,” you teased, making Jungkook laugh.

“Maybe,” Namjoon grinned. “But hey, my brain is sexy.” (A/n: Sorry, I couldn’t resist putting that one in)

“She’s so cute,” Yoongi smiled at the baby, smiling his gummy smile. “She has your smile, Kook!”

“Hi, y/n’s baby, I’m Uncle Hoseok!” Hoseok piped up in a high voice, making your baby laugh and smile. “You have such a cute smile!”

“And I’m Uncle Jin,” Jin joined in playfully. “I’ll cook a lot of delicious food for you when you get old enough!”

“I’m pretty sure it’ll be better than my food,” you laughed, knowing how bad your cooking skills were and how Jin’s cooking skills were much better than yours.

“Well, it looks like we have a new member,” Jungkook announced. “And I couldn’t be happier,” he smiled at you fondly, wrapping his arm around your waist as you leaned into his embrace contentedly.

Ahhh, that was so much fun! I did a second part to Better Than Overwatch because M commented and said it was a really nice story and would love to see it continued. So that got me thinking about the reader and Jungkook being married and having a baby. Comment down below if you wanna name the baby, see Jungkook and the reader’s baby growing up and all that. Also, suggest some more BTS fanfics topics. Do you guys want to see Jikook fics, Vmin, Namjin, Taekook? Make your suggestions down below, and I’ll pick one! Thank you all, and I will see you in the next post! Bye!!!



Day 2 of BTS 30-Day Blog Challenge!

Hey, guys! I’m so glad it’s the weekend, oh thank goodness. Let’s get it!

Day 2: Least favorite song of BTS

Seriously? Least favorite BTS song? I fee like if I say a song that some people like, they’ll get mad and start a comment fight in the comments. I don’t know, BTS’s songs are honestly all good! I guess I don’t have a least favorite song of BTS. But I do have a lot of favorite songs! I love you all and see you in the next post! 💜💜💜


Carissa 💜💜💜💜💜

30-Day BTS Blog Challenge! Day 1!

Hey, guys! I decided to do a 30-Day BTS Blog Challenge since I love BTS so much. Let’s get it!

Day 1: What’s the first BTS song you ever heard?

Oh, that’s easy! It was Idol. Actually, it was a cover by Sam Tsui and Megan Lee. But I’d say the first original BTS song I listened to was…… Sorry, I have to think a bit. Oh, it was Fake Love. I have to go now, we’re going to watch Little House on the Prairie. Byee!!!


Carissa 💜💜💜

Better Than Overwatch? (Reader x Jungkook)

You panted, your legs burning, yet you kept going. You had to finish this game right, you had to.
   “Y/n! Over here!” your friend, Sam yelled, waving her arms in the air. You flexed your foot and was about to pass it when someone barreled into you, knocking you over.
  “Ooff!” you gasped as you landed hard on the ground. “Oww!” You grimaced in pain, your arm and ankle throbbing painfully.
  “I’m so sorry! I didn’t watch where I was going!” a shy voice apologized.
You looked up, and found yourself staring into the most beautiful eyes you’ve ever seen: big, brown eyes that sparkled in the light.
  ” Jeon Jungkook-ah! Are you okay?” another boy called, running up.
“I’m fine, Hobi-hyung,” Jungkook replied. “I think I might’ve hurt this girl by accident, though.”
  “Oh, no! Hey, are you okay?” Jungkook’s friend asked.
“No, I don’t think so. Can’t you see? My arm hurts like crap,” you snapped back. “Sam, get over here!” You waved for Sam to come over, and Sam helped you stand up. “Next time, look where you were going, Jungkook or whatever your name is,” you spat and hobbled away, Sam supporting you.
  Sam helped you climb into the front seat, and slid into the driver seat. “Who was that boy?” she wondered as she turned on the ignition.
  “I don’t want to know,” you snapped. “I just hope next time he watches where he is going because that boy is hella strong.” You rubbed your arm and yelled out in pain.
   “Yah, y/n! Don’t do that! I’m going to take you to the hospital right away,” Sam reprimanded, backing the car out of the parking lot.
  You grumbled, settling back into the seat and watched the cars go by. When you arrived at the hospital, the nurse had you wait in the waiting room.
  “Miss L/n?” Tem minutes later, the cheery nurse poked her head in from the door and you stood up, grimacing at the pain that shot up your ankle. “Doctor Kim Seokjin will see you now.”
  “Thank you,” you replied gratefully.
  The nurse opened a door to a room, and gestured you to go inside. 
  You stepped inside, and the doctor smiled at you. “Please sit down on the examination table.”
You nodded, and winced as your arm touched the table. “Um, I can’t hop on, my arm is broken.”  
  Doctor Kim looked up, surprised. “Uh, yeah, right. Sorry, I forgot. Um, you can sit right here.” He pulled out a chair for you in front of him.
   “So, you broke your arm?” Doctor Kim questioned as he examined your arm.
“Yeah, and my ankle. That guy who bumped into me named Jungkook is hella clumsy and strong,” you huffed as he took a look at your ankle as well.
  “Jungkook? Jeon Jungkook?” Doctor Kim asked, eyebrows raised.
“What? You know him?” you said, your eyes wide.
  “Yup, his family is close to mine,” Doctor Kim replied, wrapping your arm up in a sling and wiping his hands on a towel. “Jungkook’s really a nice guy once you get to know him, he’s just really shy at first.”  
  “Yeah, well, he better be more careful next time,” you huffed as Doctor Kim wrapped your ankle in a bandage.
  “I’ll tell him next time I see him,” Doctor Kim promised as he smiled at you, his dimples showing.
“Humph,” you muttered. “So do I need crutches or anything?” you questioned.
  “Oh yeah! I almost forgot!” Doctor Kim hurried over to the cabinet and pulled out a pair of  crutches and handed them to you.
   “Nice to meet you, Doctor Kim,” you bowed to him. “Thank you for helping me with my injuries. Please tell Jungkook to be more careful next time.”
  “The pleasure was all mine, y/n,” Seokjin replied, smiling. “And yes, I will tell Jungkook to be more careful. Just give him another chance, y/n.”
  You sighed. “Fine.”
“That’s my patient,” Seokjin said, beaming. “Now, stay off that foot and use the crutches for about six weeks.”
   “Thanks again,” you told him as you hobbled out the door.
  As Sam drove you home, she listened to your explanation about Jungkook.
   “I don’t know, y/n,” Sam mused thoughtfully as she drove. “Sounds to me like you have a crush on him. Kind of like a love-hate relationship, I would say,” she quirked an eyebrow at you.
“I DO NOT!!” you protested, glaring at Sam.
   “Oh, come on, y/n. I’ve known you since we were little! You definetly have a crush on him,” Sam teased. “Be honest.”
   You sighed, leaning back into the seat. “OK, fine. I have a crush on Jeon Jungkook.” 
  “That’s my girl!” Sam praised with a smile. “Now, you should apologize to him if he comes to apologize. And if you’re up for it, give him a kiss.”
  “SAM!” you blurted out, mortified. “I couldn’t possibly do that.”
  “Well then, if he starts it, you have to finish it,” Sam answered smugly, fixing her eyes on the road. “We’re here! And promise me you’ll give him a kiss.”
   “Ughhh, fine,” you rolled your eyes and opened your door. You hitched up your crutches and swung to the housedoor. You leaned back on them and waved bye to Sam as she drove away, receiving a blowing kiss in return. You laughed and shook your head. Sam could be so weird sometimes. You sighed and turned the key in the door, hobbling in.
   “Oh my gosh! Honey, what happened??” your mother gasped when you came into the living room.
  “I was playing soccer with Sam, and this guy named Jungkook crashed into me, causing me to break my arm and ankle,” you replied dryly, plopping onto your bean bag.
  “Oh, dear. Are you all right?” Mom asked anxiously.
“Yeah. Sam took me to the hospital, and I got fixed up,” you explained.
  “Good, good. Do you want something to drink?” Mom sat down next to you and massaged your shoulders.
  “I’ll have some apple juice,” you decided. “I’m not in the mood for anything else.” 
Mom nodded, and headed to the refrigerator. “So who is this Jungkook guy? Is he cute?” 
   “Mom!” you whined. “OK, fine. He is cute, I’ll admit that. But he gave me a bad first impression. And apparently, Sam knows that I have a crush on him and she wants me to kiss him.”
  “Awwww, that’s so sweet!” Mom cooed. “But hon, if you don’t want to kiss him, don’t. Save it for your one and only. But I think he’s your one.”
   “Really?” you asked, skeptical. Soooooo skeptical.
“Well, not really. I don’t have enough information to prove that,” Mom admitted sheepishly. “But you should find him on IG and apologize for being so rude to him.”   
   “Yeah, I guess so,” you admitted, sipping your drink. “I’m going to go and change. Thanks for the apple juice.” You headed out of the living room and to your room. 
   You dropped your duffel bag on the floor and plopped down on your bed mattress. You decided to take a shower and change into pajamas.
   After you finished your shower, you slipped on your favorite fuzzy pajamas and laid down in your bed. You pulled your phone and found Jungkook’s Instagram. You scrolled through his posts, thinking, Wow, I can’t believe this is the same guy who crashed into me! His posts were mostly of him and his friends at restaurants, at zoos and other fun places. His smile resembled a bunny, and he certainly looked like one when he was smiling!
   You took a deep breath, and clicked on the Message button. Here we go, you thought. This is gonna be one wild ride.
You: Hi. This is y/n, the girl you crashed into today.
JK: Oh, yeah. Is your arm and ankle okay? Sorry, I wasn’t looking where I was going. Me and Hpbi were playing football and the ball went far and I wasn’t watching when I crashed into you. I was trying to get the ball. I’m so sorry! 😔😔😔
You: It’s fine. I’m sorry I got so mad at you. I was wondering, if you wanna hang out tomorrow at my house? We can play video games. Do you play Overwatch? 
  JK: Omg, yes! I love Overwatch! What time? I have an appointment though, at 9:00.
You: Um, maybe at 11 then? We can have lunch then.
JK: Sure! I’ll bring some food!
You: Sounds good! I will see you then! 🤗
JK: 👍
  You shook your head, trying to clear it. What did you just do?!
“MOM!” you yelled, panicking.
   Mom appeared in the doorway, holding her hands over her ears. “Y/n, don’t yell!” she scolded. “Now what is it?”
    “I asked Jungkook to come over to play Overwatch tomorrow!” You paced around your room, trying to calm down.
     “Well, first of all, congratulations! You have asked Jungkook out on a date!” Mom applauded you. “Now, when is he coming?”
    “Tomorrow, at 11,” you answered. “I told him that we’ll have lunch together. Oh, shoot. I shouldn’t have said that! Now what am I gonna do? He’s gonna think I have a crush on him!!” you wailed.
   “Y/n, you do have a crush on him,” Mom pointed out, arms crossed. “You have to realize that.”
 You groaned. “Seriously, Mom, did you have to remind me!”
  “Yes,” Mom stated matter-of-factly. “I’ll teach you how to make food for your date tomorrow. Com’on!” She dragged you off.
   The next morning….
  “Oh, why did I ever ask Jungkook out on that date?” you wailed as you rolled out of bed at 6:30 AM. You sighed as you pulled yourself up on your crutches. You decided to still wear your pajamas, and change after breakfast.
   “So, y/n, how you feeling about your first date?” Dad grinned at you as you poured yourself a glass of orange juice. Ever since he found out last night, he had been so excited, giving you advice on how to make this date the best ever.
   “Nervous,” you admitted. You sat down and started eating your breakfast, “I have never been on a date before, so I’m a bit nervous. Actually, no, I am very very VERY nervous,” you added.
   “Just be yourself,” Dad advised. “When I took your mom out on our first date, I tried too hard to be too proper, and apparently she kinda didn’t like it.”
   “Nope, I didn’t,” Mom laughed, nudging him in the ribs. “And you were all dressed up in that ridiculous suit, and you looked like a penguin in a resturant!” They laughed heartily.
   “Anyways, I got to start cooking,” you told them. “So, Dad and Mom, you better skedaddle off to work early so you don’t get in my way.”
   “OK, honey!” Mom and Dad chirped together and gathered their stuff quickly. “Bye, honey!”
“Bye!” You waved to them from the door, and locked the door as they left.
  Time flew as you spent the few hours cooking. You decided to play some music as you cooked, so you played some Ariana Grande, Anne Marie, Lauv, and Marshmello music. You sang along, using your spatula as a microphone.
   You finally finished cooking and headed upstairs to change. You decided on skinny blue jeans with a simple yet cute blue blouse. You fastened on your ears a pair of pastel blue feather earrings and slipped on your wrist a braided blue bracelet. You brushed some mascara on your eyelashes, drew your eyebrows with your eyebrow pencil, and put on some light eye shadow. You didn’t use foundation because it covered up your natural cheek and skin color. 
    The doorbell rang. You froze.
“Oh, shoot,” you frantically rushed around, straightening pillows and smoothing bed sheets.
     You finally opened the door, and Jungkook stood there shyly in a comfy outfit that consisted of denim jeans and a black shirt that had the words “Music is my first love.” He had in his hands a casserole dish.
   “Hi, Jungkook,” you greeted him shyly.
 “Hi, y/n,” he answered just as shyly and quietly, too.
  “Want to come in? You won’t be able to play Overwatch if you’re standing out in the cold,” you joked, trying to lighten the mood.
  Jungkook smiled shyly and stepped inside. “Should I take off my shoes?”
“Sure, here are some slippers that you can wear,” you gave him a pair of house slippers. You led him into the kitchen, and he set down the casserole dish.
   “What’s in there?” You peered into the casserole dish curiously.
“Cassava cake. I hope you like cassava,” Jungkook replied, lifting the cover off.
“Well, I haven’t tried cassava cake before,” you admitted.
“You haven’t? Well, then, you’ll like this one. Are you allergic or anything?” Jungkook asked you.
  “Nope,” you shook your head. “Um, should we eat first or play first?”
“It’s up to you, y/n,” Jungkook answered. “I think we should eat first because then you’ll have the  energy to beat me,” he smirked devilishly as you gasped.

“Are you trying to challenge me, Jeon Jungkook?” you placed your hands on your hips and glared at him. “OK, fine, let’s eat first.”

After eating and placing your dishes and managing to convince Jungkook that you’ll do them later, you both settled down on the comfy rug to play Overwatch. You had to admit, Jungkook was pretty good.

“ARGH, JEON JUNGKOOK, WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE SO GOOD??” you cried out in frustration, throwing down your controller.

“I don’t know, why do I have to be so good?” Jungkook wondered, ducking when you threw a pillow at him.

“Do you know what’s even better than Overwatch?” Jungkook asked.

“What?” you wondered, shifting your position.

“Guess,” Jungkook grinned, leaning back onto the couch with a satisfied sigh.

“Um, let me see. Food?” you guessed, knowing Jungkook had a voracious appetite.





“Nope. Y/n, guess something else than sports.”

“Um, music?” you tried.

“Nope. Although I love music, that’s not it,” Jungkook shook his head. “Come on, y/n.”

“Well, I give up!” you threw your hands up in the air. “What is it, then?”

“It’s you,” Jungkook told you bluntly.

You dropped your controller and turned your head to stare at him. “Me?”

“Yeah, you,” Jungkook smiled, cupping your cheek in his hand.

Your eyes fluttered closed as Jungkook leaned in and kissed you softly. His lips were soft, with a hint of cinammon.

“So I’m better than Overwatch, huh?” you quipped, planting a kiss on his soft cheek.

“Definitely,” Jungkook confirmed, pulling you in closer.

OHHHHHHH, THAT WAS SO FLUFFY, I CAN’T. Hahahaha, I hope you enjoyed that! I’ll be starting a 30-Day BTS Blog Challenge soon. I love you all!


Carissa ♥