How I’m Doing in Quarantine!

Hey, guys! It seems like not a lot of people like to comment so I just used M’s question on what to do to keep from being bored while in quarantine.

Well, to answer your question, M, my fellow ARMY, you know what we ARMYs like to do! Besides keeping up with my homework and practicing my flute, I enjoy singing, dancing to BTS’s songs, (I dance badly, btw) doing calligraphy, drawing, (I’m absolutely obsessed with drawing eyes right now) listening to songs while just lying on my bed, and sleeping. I’ve been so tired lately, it’s weird. It’s boring, being stuck at home. Hopefully this pandemic is over as soon as possible. I miss all of my friends. I hope my seven boys are all safe! Anyways, stay safe and see you at the next post!


Carissa ♥

If You Are Having Trouble With Positive Body Image, Read This + My Mental Health Journey

Hey, guys! This post is meant to specifically help people who are struggling with depression. I am going to share my personal journey as well, so this is going to be a very long post.

You are beautiful no matter what. Do you believe it? If not, keep reading. You might think, “Oh, I’m not like other girls/boys, I will never fit in.” Stop thinking that. This sounds a little too harsh, but sometimes your thoughts get too severe and you need to have some harsh reminders that remind you of the truth. Believe me, I know how it feels like. I am overweight, and I have struggled with body positivity. I have also struggled with depression, and sometimes I would ask myself, “Why am I me?” I hated myself, struggled with suicidal thoughts. Sometimes I just wanted to quit. If you are feeling this way, get help right away. I used to think that I was so pathetic, needing to get help when I thought I could handle this on my own. Finally, I realized what I was doing wasn’t working, and I asked my mom if I could get a therapist. Unfortunately due to the virus, my appointment was canceled, but as soon as the clinic opens up again, I will have therapy sessions. It’s important to seek help if you are having suicidal thoughts, cutting, negative thoughts, etc. If you want to learn more about depression, I suggest you read the book Take Control of Your Depression, Strategies to Help You Feel Better Now by Susan J. Noonan. It is a very helpful book, and it helped me when I was going through depression. Don’t be afraid to ask for help; the sooner you ask for help, the better. If you listen to depressing music, try to switch to music that has meaningful lyrics. BTS has played a huge role in my journey. Before I discovered BTS, I always hated myself, was afraid of what I saw in the mirror. BTS helped me realize that what I was doing was wrong. BTS’s lyrics are very meaningful as well. If you are struggling with depression and want a cure that doesn’t involve medication, I suggest you start listening to music that has meaningful words. Some songs that helped me are Magic Shop, Sad Forever by Lauv, Sea, and Promise by Jimin of BTS. But if you are dealing with severe depression, e.g. you won’t get out of bed, you cut yourself multiple times on daily basis, you starve yourself, please seek medical help. If you don’t seek help NOW, it will be too late later. I hope you will listen to my advice.

Whew, that was a long post! Hopefully that wasn’t too much for you guys to handle. I’m doing okay now, thanks to the book. Educate yourself on depression; it will help you understand what it really is and if you have it or not. I hope you guys are staying safe wherever you are and see you on the next post! Love ya’ll!


Carissa ♥

My Favorite Pop Songs to Listen to While In Quarantine!

Hey guys! I was thinking about what post I should do and nothing came to my head except my fave songs, so we’re doing this one, quarantine style!

  1. Modern Loneliness by Lauv

I’m sure at least some of you have heard of Lauv, and his songs are so good! His album, How I’m Feeling, recently came out, and I’m planning on buying it soon. Thia song is basically all of us in quarantine, lol.

2. Her by Anne-Marie

Anne-Marie has the voice of an angel. I’m not kidding. This song had me bawling.

3. Heavy by Anne-Marie

This one is so good, but the adlibs and runs are so difficult. Anne is literally one of my favorite artists, besides Lauv, BTS, and Ariana Grande, of course.

4. everything i wanted by billie eilish

I like the music, and I do like some of Billie’s songs.

5. lovely by billie eilish ft. Khalid

This song is a song that I used to listen to when I felt sad. The lyrics really spoke to me.

6. ON by BTS

Of course, we can’t forget our boys, now can we? The MV is so good, and if you haven’t watched it yet, I urge you to go and watch it! Our boys always come up with such good MVs!

7. Birthday by Anne-Marie

Yeah, I’m in my Anne-Marie phase right now. I’m definitely going to play this song on my birthday!

8. Who by Lauv ft. BTS

This song is so good!

9. Bad Girlfriend by Anne-Marie

WARNING: EXPLICIT. Yeah, there’s some cursing in this one, but I love this one anyways!

Well, there you have it, guys! My favorite songs to sing/listen to while in quarantine. Hopefully you guys will listen to some of the songs. I recommend Anne-Marie ’cause she’s so criminally underrated. Anyways, I have to go. Love you, guys, and see you on the next post! If you guys post questions in the comments down below, I promise I will try and do a mini q & a. Bye!


Carissa ♥

A Day Off (Taehyung x Reader)

Hey, guys! There is some mild language in here and lots of fluff so yeah! Just wanted to let you guys know!

Taehyung snuggled closer to you, burying his nose in your hair. He loved snuggling with you on Sunday mornings, and he cherished every spare moment he spent with you. Being on tour was stressful, but with you there, he felt less stressful. He had begged their manager to allow you to come with them, and to his delight, their manager had agreed.
   “Tae, wake up,” you nudged him. “Today’s your free day with the boys, remember?”
“Want you to come,” Taehyung murmured sleepily as he rolled out of bed. “I’ll check with the guys if you can come.” He pulled a shirt on and left the room.
   He came back after ten minutes with his boxy smile on his face. “Yoongi-hyung was pissed that I woke him up so early, but Namjoon-hyung said yes!”
   “Where are we going?” you asked eagerly as you pulled on a yellow crop top and denim shorts.

     Tae shrugged, clueless. “I don’t know, honestly. I just hope it’s something fun.”

It was hot outside, so you put sunscreen on. “Tae, you need some, too,” you motioned him over.
   After you two had properly dressed and eaten (you had room service) and Taehyung texting the boys that you were on your way to the car, you two made your way down to the private garage they had rented at the fancy hotel.
   “Hey, Noona!” Jungkook waved at you.
“Hey, Kookie!” you answered, waving back in return. The boys laughed, making Jungkook blush. “Ah, y/n!” Jungkook whined, hiding his face in his hands.
   “What did I do?” you asked confusedly as Taehyung intertwined your hands with his, laughing as well.  
   “You’re the only one who calls Kook that, y/n,” Namjoon explained, laughing. “And Jungkook really hates being babied. ARMY said he’s like a baby, but he just denies it.”
    Oh. You blinked, your own cheeks aflame. “Oh. Sorry, Jungkook.”
“It’s fine, really,” Jungkook replied shyly.
    Silence reigned in the car for a few moments, then Hobi connected his phone to the car’s speakers and started playing some music.  
    “Yeah, you makin’ me a boy with luv!” you sang along with the boys as “Boy With Luv” blasted out of the speakers. Hobi started jamming in the front seat, and as they stopped at a red light, the owner in the car next to them gawked and stared at us. As you drove off, a young girl stuck her head out the window and yelled, “I love you guys!”, making all of you laugh and wave back to her.

    As Namjoon pulled into the parking lot of a gorgeous amusement park, you yelled, “YEAH YEAH!” You had loved amusement parks ever since you were little, especially that were the most terrifying. All of the boys laughed, that is, except Hobi and your Tae, who look absolutely terrified.

    “Aish, hyung! Why didn’t you tell me we were going to an amusement park???” Hobi whined, flicking Yoongi’s head with his finger.

     “’Cause I like to see you scared,” Yoongi snickered, making Hobi frown at him.

“Don’t worry, guys, there are some other stuff too,” Namjoon reassured them, getting out of the car.

   “Like what?” Tae asked nervously, holding on to your hand as you both climbed out of the car.

“Well, there’s cotton candy, booths that have games you can play, baby rollercoasters for Hobi and Tae,” Jimin listed off and smirked at the last one as you all walked up to the entrance gate.

     “Oh, and Manager rented the whole thing out for us so we don’t have to worry about our fans swarming in on us,” Namjoon informed us as they walked into the park.

      “Good, ‘cause I need a break,” Yoongi grumbled as he sat down on the bench. “Not that I don’t love ARMY, but it makes me tired, being mobbed by fans everywhere we go.”

    You nodded, and tugged Taehyung to a terrifying roller coaster, “Tae-tae! Let’s go on this one! Yoongi, Hobi, you guys wanna join us?”

      “Yeah!” “No!” two voices, one desperate, and one excited, chimed in unsion. “Come on, you scaredy cat, let’s go,” Yoongi grinned evilly, tugging Hobi along by the arm, Hobi pleading in vain for his hyung to have some mercy.

     Despite Tae’s pleas of “Jagi, please, please, you know how much I hate roller coasters and heights,” you and Tae were soon strapped into the car with Hobi and Yoongi behind you.

       “Please keep your hands and legs inside the car at all times, thank you, and have a great time!” the voice over the speaker announced cheerfully, totally oblivious to Tae and Hobi’s terrified expressions.

     “Great time, my ass,” Hobi muttered angrily as the car started inching its way up towards the top. “Yoongs, once we’re out of here, you’re gonna get it.”

     “Whatever, it’s going to be worth it seeing your expression,” Yoongi smirked and enjoyed the view. (The view of Hobi’s terrified face, not the view of the park, btw)

    “Jagi, jagi, please, please, PLEASE TAKE ME OFF THIS ROLLER COAST-AHHHHHHHHHHH!!” Tae screamed hysterically, as the roller coaster dipped downward and accelerated towards the bottom. You were laughing, enjoying the ride immensely as the coaster went upside down and twisted. Tae was yelling and screaming his head off so intensely, he probably wouldn’t be able to sing for a few days. He was crushing your hand in his, holding on for dear life. Hobi was freaking out behind you two, screaming his head off just like Tae was, but Yoongi was throwing his hands up in the air, screaming, “Let’s get it!”

 Hobi looked at him, and shouted, “Hey, that’s my line!”

    Yoongi just shrugged and smirked smugly.

     You were disappointed when the ride came to a stop, but beside you, Tae let out a shaky sigh of relief. “Finally,” Tae collapsed onto the platform as the attendant helped him out, because his legs were shaking like jelly. Hobi collapsed as well while Yoongi and you grinned at each other and high fived.

      “Jagi, jagi, I think I’m gonna throw-” Tae rushed to his feet and threw up into the trash can, Hobi following after him.

     Yoongi snickered, not able to hold in his laughter any longer, and burst in an uncontrollable fit of laughter, you joining him a fit of giggles.

      “Jagi, you’re so mean,” Tae whined, wiping his mouth with a paper towel.

“I swear, hyung, I don’t even know why I’m friends with you ,” Hobi glared at Yoongi, who smirked and shrugged in response.

    “’Cause you know that you love me, regardless of how savage I can be,” Yoongi replied, nudging him playfully.

      You joined Jin and Namjoon on the pirate boat. “I love this one!”

“Where’s Tae?” Jin asked as Namjoon strapped himself in.

   “He’s recovering,” you replied, smirking. “Maybe I was a little too hard on him,” you admitted sheepishly, starting to regret to purposely taking Tae on that ride when you knew he hated it.

    “Oh no, you were perfect! I videotaped the whole thing!” Namjoon exclaimed. “It’s not often we get to see Tae on a roller coaster!”

     You laughed as the ride began. Lunch time soon came, and you and the boys sat down to Korean BBQ.

    “So, what’d you do after that ride, Tae?” Jimin asked, throwing him a curious look. “You seemed pretty tight after it,” Jimin smirked as the rest of the boys laughed.

     “Me and Jungkook went to play some games,” Tae replied from his seat next to you. “I won a teddy bear!”

     “Nice, Tae!” you praised him, smiling, and Tae smiled back at you, wrapping his arms around you. “I hope you’re still not angry with me,” you whispered, snuggling into his chest.

     “Just a bit,” Tae murmured, kissing the side of your neck, “but you’re too cute to stay mad at.”  Just then, your intimate moment was broken as Yoongi complained, “Aish, you two lovebirds, go get a room!”

       As soon as lunch was over, you, Jungkook, Hobi, and Tae went to go to the zoo they had at the amusement park.

     “Tae, look at the snakes,” you gazed in fascination at the sleepy, yet terrifying reptiles dozing under the heat radiator.

    “Ugh,” Hobi shuddered. “I don’t like snakeu. They make me scared,” he admitted, shuddering again when he remembered the time the members had gone to a zoo and the zoo staff had put a snake around his neck.

     “Look at the cute polar bears, jagi!” Tae told you excitedly, pulling you by your arm to the glass window where three white polar bears were lazily laying in the sun. One rolled over and stretched its body out,

    “They look like Yoongi-hyung, don’t they?” Jungkook snickered besides you. “Always sleeping.”

     Hobi frowned at him. “Hey! Don’t forgot to respect your hyung!” he scolded the maknae as he smacked him on the head, making Jungkook wince.

    “Ow, ow, ow! OK, OK, hyung, I’m sorry!” Jungkook confessed as he rubbed his head, wincing. 

     You spent the rest of the day with the boys, laughing and chatting. You happily continued to hold hands with Tae for the rest of the afternoon, much to Yoongi’s disgust.

      “Oh, gosh, I’m so tired,” Tae sighed as he and you walked into the hotel room when you returned from the amusement park.

    “Why don’t we cuddle?” you smiled, going to your bathroom to change into silk pajamas and then climbing into bed.

   Tae perked up and immediately raced to the bathroom to change. You chuckled softly at his cute reaction and seconds later, he emerged, clothed in his favorite pajamas.

    You cuddled up to Tae, tucking your head under his chin as he wrapped his arms around your waist. “I love you, Tae,” you murmured.

    “I love you too, y/n.”