Hey, guys! I’m so sorry for being inactive, I just have a lot going on with school and everything. Now that school is all online now, I probably am not going to be able to post a lot. Yeah, I just wanted to let you guys know before I pretty much go on a hiatus. *AUDIBLE GASPS* yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. It’s gonna be a semihiatus, you could say, because winter is coming and you know what that means! yup, winter break. I honestly don’t know if my school has it or not. This is my first time attending real school. I have been homeschooled up until now, so we’ll see how my freshman year goes. If any of you guys have any tips on what to expect from freshman year, feel free to comment down below! I love you all of you guys, stay healthy, stay INSIDE, wear a mask, (even if you don’t want to; do it, it’s for your health!) and wash your hands! Bye!!!


Carissa 🙂