Who can fix my broken heart? (Angst ending)

You rolled over in your bed, tears staining the covers. Your friend had graciously offered to let you stay until you got back on your feet. You had hugged her and thanked her. This being your first breakup, you had fallen pretty hard and you felt like it would be hard to get back up again. Your friend one day, begged you to come to a street fair, and you readily agreed. You decided it was time to move on from the breakup, and you were determined to have a good time. “Y/N-ah! Are you ready to go?” Nari, your friend, yelled at the bottom of the stairs. “Yeah, yeah, I’m coming!” you hollered back, swiftly slipping on your shoes. This is your outfit:

You jumped in the car with her and drove to the fair, laughing and listening to the radio along the way. The mood swiftly changed when a BTS song came on, and you both fell silent. Nari swiftly changed it to another station. You thought it was all good until the reporter announced some news that stiffened both you and Nari in your seats. “BTS’s J-Hope confirmed relationship with TWICE’s girl member, Sana! Don’t they look cute together? Apparently they hooked up after J-Hope broke up with-“ Nari coughed awkwardly and just turned the radio off. The car was silent for a few moments, then Nari decided to speak. “So, uh, how are you feeling about Hobi?” Nari asked hesitantly. “Well, I’ve decided that dating an idol is honestly not the best choice,” you laughed. “That’s one lesson learned. And two, I decided that who he dates is not my business. He can date whoever the hell he wants and I won’t fucking care,” your voice wavered slightly at the end. “You still care for him, don’t you?” Nari glanced at you for a moment then returned her eyes to the road. You slumped in your seat, knowing that she got you there. “Yeah, I guess I do. But why does it feel so empty inside of me, Nari?” Your voice cracked and then fell silent. Nari sighed, rubbing your hand soothingly. “I’m sorry this all had to happen, sweetheart. Sometime life is just like this, you know?” You hummed knowingly, and the rest of the ride was silent, you occupied with your own thoughts. Once you arrived at the fair, you begged Nari to go to the cotton candy booth even though you knew it was bad for your teeth. “Please, please, pwease, Nari! I haven’t had cotton candy in forever!” you whined, pouting cutely and giving her your puppy eyes. She sighed and finally gave in. “Fine. But only this once.” You yelped happily and raced to the stand, only to run straight into someone. “Oomph!” you smacked into a hard chest and looked up to see a kind-looking guy with a concerned look on his face. “Oh,sorry! I wasn’t looking where I was going and-“ “Are you okay?” he cut you off, but you could tell he was more concerned about you than himself. “Uh, yeah. I’m good!” you gave him a shaky smile. “Y/n!! What did you do this time!??” Nari rushed over to you. “I’m sorry, sir. She is just really excited about getting cotton candy she forgot where she was going.” “NARI!” you whined, a blush spreading over your face and hiding your face behind your hands. The guy chuckled and waved his hands dismissively. “It’s fine, really. By the way, my name is Ari. What’s yours?” “Y-y/n,” you stammered a little bit out of nervousness. Now looking more closely, this guy was pretty cute.

I’m pretty sure y’all know who this is, lol. If you don’t, this is Lauv, an American pop singer/writer, and he’s one of my favorite artists!)

( Ari smiled kindly at you. “Anyways, you seem to really like me, so here’s my number.” He scribbled his number on a sticky note and handed it to you, a smirk on his face. (Spicy boy Lauv be coming out tho lol) “Uh-uh-uh, thanks,” you blushed even harder. Damn, that boy is cute. You blinked on surprise. Were you really over Hobi??

“No problem, y/n! Oh, and if you want, you can call me Lauv. It’s a nickname I have from my fans. I’m a small music writer and singer,” he grinned at you. Nari stared at you dumbfounded. She couldn’t believe how lucky you were to find a guy just right after your breakup! “Oh, okay. Thanks, Lauv,” you waved shyly at him, and he waved back in response. After that incident, you and Ari began seeing each other. You really liked him; he was open, honest, kind, and caring. Plus, he was into music, just like you! “Y/n, do you know BTS?” Ari asked you one night you were hanging out with him. By now, you were with him for about two years and he had gotten more popular. He then noticed how your body stiffened and wondered if you had a bad past with any one of them. “Yes. What about them?” you answered nonchalantly, swinging your legs back and forth on the couch. “Well, they asked me to do a remix of their song, Make It Right,and they seem so sweet!” Ari smiled at the memory. You scoffed quietly. Sweet, my ass. Ari looked at you, startled. Widening your eyes, you realized you had unconsciously spoken those words aloud. “Baby, is there something wrong?” Ari asked cautiously. “You seem off tonight.” You sighed. “Let me explain…”

(Time skip cuz your author is lazy af lol)

“So J-Hope cheated on you and broke up?” Ari asked in disbelief. “How could he?”

“I’m pretty sure there was an explanation, but yeah. That was pretty much what he said,” you shrugged. “Today is actually our five year anniversary. That’s why I’m a little bit off,” you concluded, staring at your lap. Tears welled up in your eyes; you hated being like this in front of Ari.

“Hey, princess. It’s okay. I’m here,” Ari spoke softly, wrapping you in his arms. You sobbed into him, letting all of your emotions out. As your sobs gradually subsided, Ari paused before asking you, “Do you still love him?” You thought for a moment. Did you still love Hobi? You were with Ari now, but did you love him like you did Hoseok? No, Ari was definitely in your heart now. You had already forgiven Hobi, and got over the idea of him being with Sana.

Ari sensed your hesitation and spoke sadly. “I guess you still love him.” He slowly got off the couch.

“Wait, Lauv!” you called quickly. Ari turned around, surprised by you calling him “Lauv.” You usually never called him that unless you were being serious. You paused before a smile graced your lips. “Ari, I love you and only you. I promise, I am way over him,” you rolled your eyes playfully and Ari couldn’t help but laugh at your cuteness.

“So you’re alright with me doing the collab?” Ari asked you. You nodded your head in response. “I know that Hobi and V really love your song, I’m so tired. You should play that for them when you get the chance,” you suggested. Ari nodded his head. “Awesome! I’ll text them that I agree! Thanks, babe!” He pecked you on the lips before heading to bed. (Also forgot your mention this, you moved in with Ari)

Next day at Lauv’s studio….. “So, Lauv, have you hooked up with anyone yet?” Namjoon grinned at him. They were eating lunch in the studio, just the two of them. Unbeknownst to Lauv, Hobi was walking by when he paused to listen. Lauv hesitated. Should he tell Namjoon? Would you be mad at him? Namjoon sensed his hesitation and offered, “Unless you don’t want to…” His voice trailed off uncertainly. “No, man, you’re good. It’s just,” Lauv sighed. “It’s y/n.” Namjoon blinked. “Y/n l/n? She was-“ “Hoseok‘s last girlfriend, I know,” Lauv nodded. “She told me about it.” “Does she still have, you know, feelings for him?” Namjoon asked cautiously. Lauv sighed. “No, man, she told me she’s over him and doesn’t mind him being with Sana.” Hobi, who was listening from the door, felt his heart break just like it did the day you asked Namjoon who could fix your broken heart. The thing was, he and Sana broke up just a few months ago and he was hoping he could get back together but it seemed like he was too late. Tears welled up in his eyes, and he felt a hand on his shoulder. “Hyung-ah, is something wrong?” Yoongi asked in concern and heard the conversation still flowing from inside and understood immediately. “It’s y/n, isn’t it,” Yoongi said softly. “Hyung,” Hobi turned to his hyung in tears. “Yes, Hobi?” Yoongi rubbed his hyung’s shoulder comfortingly in order to soothe him and froze when he heard Hobi’s question.

“Who can fix my broken heart?”

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