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Hey, guys! Look who’s back from the dead! Lol. Damn, I can’t believe it haven’t posted for almost a whole month! Geez. Anyways, I have a Tumblr now, and I’m much more active on that one. The username is suckerforv, and I have quite a few stories on it already. Hope some of you go and check it out! Don’t forget to stay healthy, get plenty of Vitamin D, eat healthy, wash your hands, wear a mask, and stay positive! Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! 🙂


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Comfort (poly! bts x female reader)

Hi, guys! Guess who’s back from the dead!! lol. Sorry I haven’t been posting a lot lately, I’ve just been so busy with homework and stuff. if you do not like the idea of a poly relationship, please do not comment any rude comments down below because i personally think it’s kinda cute. anyways, let’s get to it!

You inhaled deeply, the fresh cold air filling your lungs as you walked down the streets of Seoul. You had gone out for a walk, and you smiled as you remembered the scene of your lovely boyfriend, Hobi, doing the same thing in BTS World. Yes, you were dating not just one of BTS’s members, but seven! You loved all seven of them dearly, and they loved you just the same. Since then, you eight had made your relationship public, and while some thought it cute and adorable, many others found ways to harass you, but nobody had thought to physically hurt you, since you almost always had the boys with you… until now.

“HEY!” a voice shouted, jerking you out of your thoughts.

Startled, you turned around, only to face a group of girls who glared at you. “Can I help you?” you asked nervously.

“Um, yeah. You can help by staying away from our oppas,” the leader of the group huffed, looking you up and down, her lips curling into a sneer. “Why would they choose you anyways?” she looked at you in disgust.

“Yeah. You’re so fat, you’re too ugly for them.”

“Your skin is terrible. You should consider plastic surgery. I bet the boys are embarrassed to be hanging out with such a ugly girl like you.”

You had had enough, and you started to walk away, but the leader yanked you back by snatching your wrist and threw you to the ground. “YOU STAY AWAY FROM OUR OPPAS, YOU HEAR ME???!!! YOU’RE JUST A BITCH, A SLUT!” she screamed in your face, which was already wet from the dew on the cement ground.

The other girls started throwing mud at you, making you gasp as the mud stained your clothes. “Fuck off,” you spat coldly. The leader immediately punched your face, making blood pour from your nose and smiled in sadistic satisfaction.

“That’s what you get for talking back to me, slut,” she spat, slapping you across the face. Tears fell from your eyes, and you prayed that someone, anyone, even another ARMY, to come and save you.

“HEY! LEAVE HER ALONE!” a voice yelled, and you looked up wearily. It wasn’t one of the boys, and you struggled to see. “THE HELL SHE EVER DO TO YOU, HUH?!”

The leader scoffed, about to throw a punch to the stranger’s face when the stranger spun around and kicked her in the face. “How’s that feel, bitch?!”

The other girls gasped and glared at the stranger. “Who are you?”
“My name is Mia, a true ARMY fan who accepts the boys’ decision to date anyone, regardless of their size, race, appearance, and shape,” the girl snapped. “Now fuck off, because I have the whole recording here on my phone, of you girls harassing y/n, and I will give this to Bang PD,” she glared daggers at the girls, whose faces turned pale.

“Please, please don’t! It’ll ruin my image!”

“Please don’t, the boys will hate us if they found out!”

Mia smirked and scoffed at the girls, who were helping their leader up from the ground. “You should’ve thought before, bitches. Ta-ta!” she threw them the middle finger before helping you off the ground, and walking you back to the dorm.

You two walked in silence for a while, you sniffing every now and then. “Thank you for saving me,” you whispered, making Mia smile sympathetically. “I was so afraid nobody was going to-”

“Hey,” Mia interrupted, making you look at her. “Whatever those mean bitches said, they’re just jealous of you. Jealous that you get to spend time with the most handsomest men on the planet! Girl, I’m even a little jealous myself!” she laughed again, then her face turned dead serious. “Y/n, you are beautiful, and don’t EVER let anybody tell you otherwise. I’m going to give the recording to Bang PD. It’s a serious thing if you get attacked by fans, y/n. And I’m sure the boys will not be happy if they don’t do something to prevent something like this happening again.”

“Thank you, Mia,” you hugged her thankfully as you two arrived back at the dorms. “Would you like to come in, just for a little bit, because it’s really cold out there!”

Mia thought for a bit, then nodded, a smile gracing her face. “Sure! I can’t stay long though, because I have to get back to my mom soon.”

“Great! I want to do something to repay you for helping me,” you smiled back at her, leading her into the dorm, where you both took off your shoes and headed into the kitchen. As expected, Jin was at the stove, cooking, and immediately gasped when he saw your bruised body and face. “Y/N! What happened?” His face turned stone cold when he saw Mia. “Did she-”

“Before you murder anybody, Jinnie, no, she didn’t do this to me. She saved me, and has the recording of the assault,” you replied, hugging him, and he immediately relaxed.

“Yeah. I was walking home from school, and I saw across the street that she was getting harassed, and I recognized her from your guys’s VLives,” Mia answered to Jin’s questioning look. “I got up close, and I took a video so that you guys could identify the girls and hear their voices, too.” She waved her phone in the air and smirked. “That girl tried to punch me, but my black-belt karate skills had her on the ground in a split millisecond.”

A group of boys tumbled down the stairs when they heard your voice and stopped short when they heard Mia speaking of this.

“Y/n! What happened?” the boys rushed to you, hugging you, making you let out an “oomph”. Mia cooed at how cute you all were together, and the boys’ heads turned towards her, and her face flushed red.

“Guys, this is Mia. She saved me from the saesang fans,” you explained so no one would murder her. Rolling your eyes when you saw Yoongi glaring at her suspiciously, you continued, “She was not stalking me, she was walking home from school, and she saw the girls harassing me on the other side of the street. She took a video, and then gave the leader what she deserved, ” you finished, giving Mia a thankful smile.

The boys let out a sigh of relief and numerous “thank you”‘s and “i’m so glad you’re a supportive fan” flowed towards Mia, making her smile and bow. “It’s no problem. My parents have a poly relationship too, and I totally understand how it feels to get all the hate from numerous people. I just hope it all dies down soon.”

Namjoon shook her hand, smiling so that his dimples showed. “Thank you very much, Mia. Not many fans are that supportive of our relationship, so I’m glad you’re understanding.”

Mia smiled back. “It’s not a problem. By the way, I need y/n’s number.” Seeing the boys tense up, she snorted. “To send her the video of the girls harassing her. Jeez!”

“Sorry, we just are very protective of her,” Namjoon scratched the back of his neck awkwardly.

Mia nodded, and you gave her number on a post-it. You thanked her, and she waved as she left the dorms.

As soon as the door closed, the boys pulled you towards the sofa, where they all cuddled up to you, making you giggle. “Guys. I need to change and tend to my-” you winced as Hobi rubbed against your side, which was bruising, “injuries.”

The boys got off of you quickly, making you roll your eyes at them. You hobbled to your bathroom, where you took a relaxing shower and changed into your pajamas. Jin then helped you with your injuries.

“Ow!” you yelped as Jin touched up your knee with an alcohol wipe, glaring at him. “That hurts,” you sniffled.

“I know, honey. I’m almost done,” Jin kissed your knee, making you giggle. Jin finished and carried you to the living room where the rest were waiting to cuddle. (of course.)

“Why did you choose me?” you whispered.

“What do you mean, why?” Jungkook asked, frowning. “We chose you because you’re so kind, sympathetic, and compassionate towards everyone you meet.”

“I mean, I’m not even that pretty,” you sighed. “My skin is not that flawless, like your guys’s.”

“Nobody’s perfect, y/n, and we are no exception,” Namjoon raised himself up on one elbow as he looked at you. “We’re all human beings, and humans make mistakes.”

“Wow, when did Namjoonie hyung get so philosophical?” Taehyung wondered out loud, making you all laugh.

“It’s that sexy brain up in here, baby,” Namjoon smirked, pointing to his head, making you all burst out in laughter again.

“Seriously, though, you’re pretty and beautiful in our eyes, y/n, and we wouldn’t trade you for anybody else,” Jimin booped your nose, making you giggle.
The rest of the night you were smothered in kisses, cuddles, and a move night with all eight of you cuddled against each other.

“I love you all so much,” you breathed as you looked at all of them lovingly.

“We love you too, y/n,” they all replied. Namjoon stroked your hand comfortingly. Together they echoed the words that you held close to your heart:

“We’ll always be your comfort.”